Mothers, call your chic dressing

You always have the option to remain at the forefront of fashion even being pregnant. The trick is to choose clothes that will accompany you throughout your pregnancy. For the office, opt for tops and pregnancy shirts. These high specially designed for mothers are both stylish and fashionable. Furthermore, they are comfortable to wear.

fashion in pregnant

If you must want to wear jackets, choose curved models, they will enhance your silhouette. For low, pregnancy slim pants are perfect for work. If you want to stay feminine, add dresses for pregnant women trend and some maternity skirts in your wardrobe. Continue reading

Essential for a gypsy look

When we talk about gypsy fashion or look, lightweight fabrics and floral prints come to mind, as well as wheels, muslins and embroideries.

Nevertheless, today gypsy look is chic and sophisticated. The creators have kept the colorful and trend setting; however, they added a touch of modernity and glamour to their new collections.

gypsy look

Thus, it was emphasized femininity with bright colors without being too flashy. Freshness and naturalness are also honored. We can therefore discuss the long ruffled skirt and blouse chiffon as essential basic. The flowery dress and embroidered white dress are also essential parts to gypsy look. Continue reading

Perfumes have no secret for me!

To use perfume requires a minimum of knowledge. For example, you must know that to keep the smell as long as possible, it must broadcast on specific points of the body. It should focus on places like the lower back, behind the knee, your elbow, waist, behind the ear, between the breasts or even on the neck where the blood flows. Remember to determine the amount depending on the concentration of the fragrance.

use perfume

It is also essential to know how to use the right perfume at the right season. Winter and summer, don’t ever place on your skin before going out in the Sun. This product is composed of photosensitizers elements. As such, you can have chemical reactions resulting in the manifestation of brown spots or skin irritation. Continue reading

How to wear skirt?

If you appreciate classical style bet on a belt to break the monotony of keeping high-skirt. This piece allows you also to emphasize your waist. What’s the little trick to use the skirt to refine your silhouette? The associate with high heels and a tight top slightly. In order to make the look more fashion, a sautoir necklace is required.

wear skirt

A “youthful” look
To make younger your look, nothing beats a ball skirt. It is master key: it can be worn everyday and well suited for an evening. The key is to know how to choose your shoes and top that will go with. Continue reading

Fashion advice: how to wear emerald green this year?

For those who are shy and especially those who are afraid to make a wrong step fashion, it is best to focus on the emerald green combined with black. And because black is a timeless and ageless color and in addition to being mounted.

wear emerald green

For simplicity, the emerald can be worn with nothing more than the famous jeans, preferably raw. Accessory side, opt for gold jewelry color, they will highlight the emerald green with gusto and offer more tone to your look.

And why not try the combination of emerald green with burgundy red? Beautiful combination, green and red blend perfectly. Continue reading

Fashion trend: Printed are popular this summer

This summer, printed stripes are unavoidable and are devastating, whether horizontal or vertical, with wide bands or stripes rather tight. We love all forms for all parts of dressing as well as shirts, trousers and skirts.

printed stripes

However, it is good to remember that horizontal stripes are suitable for thin and slender women while women more or less round will delight in vertical stripes that seem to lengthen the silhouette to look thinner.

Peas are also trend
Peas maxi or mini version, they are always appreciated. Our dresses and small tops with peas will suit this summer. Continue reading

The timeless little black dress: HOW to choose it

Although the little black dress is timeless, it is important to choose the good cut for this wonder put us in value. For Women in V-shape with a wider shoulder the hips, to release neck and alleviate the bust with asymmetric collar. Turtlenecks are banned! Also consider choosing a flared dress size.

timeless little black dress

With a large pool, morphology in A, the ideal is to opt for a trapeze cut way 60s or tulip to hide the hips. If you have a little tiny waist, wear a belt to mark the waist.

If you do not have the right size, choose a right and fluid dress or empire waist to blur slightly marked. If you are round, need to know cheat a little by revealing parts of the body. A wrap or right dress will do nicely. Continue reading

Cufflinks: more than simple accessories, real jewelry

These small accessories have appeared around the 17th century to replace the laces and other cords used to hold the shirt sleeves. The first cufflinks were made of gold or silver, which already gives you an idea of the type of people who wore them.


They consisted of two buttons connected by a small chain, rather complicated to implement. Today, cufflinks are more practical, mounted on elastic or pivot for a less tedious installation. Versions with chain also back in fashion lately. Continue reading

How to choose a trendy bag?

Having already worn the status of accessory trend during the summer, the small square bag remains connected for the fall. Discrete, it easily adapts to your look. In addition, designers have designed a variety of versions for all tastes are satisfied. So you have the choice between satchel type small bag, decorated with chains or embellished with ruffles.

choose trendy bag

Now it is not only the pouches that you can use to accessorize your outfit. Note also that the styles are reversed this fall. The big bags go without cords consequently. For their part, the pouches provide a loop. Continue reading

Keys to feel sexy, attractive and very safe

Being sexy, attractive and safe is a matter of attitude! Few times we have seen women that are not so beautiful but they have something special that make them look very attractive. Below we will share with you some tips to show off, sexy, attractive and very safe at all times.

look attractive

Feel yourself safe:
The beauty starts from inside. When we appreciate who we are and we know what we have to offer the world as beings of light, we reflect much security. The majority of people are very attractive to a woman who demonstrates safe and its value is given. So if you still doubt your inner potential begins to work on this. Continue reading