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10 fashion trends for 2019

From the paintings in all their ranges and possibilities to the prints “animal print”, through the lurex fabrics, the trends of the new season come from “revival”, with echoes of the 70, 80 and 90.

2019 fashion trends

The fact that there are tendencies that are extinguished and come to an end supposes the birth of many others, among which the key proposals that will mark the next months and the change of year stand out. These are the trends that are monopolizing all the lights and that, surely, will reign in the closet:

1. Cowboy style boots

From the Wild West returns that footwear with great force and, although it is a trend that does not go out of fashion, this season is reinvented at any temperature to stay in the wardrobe of any woman.

cowboy style boots

Calvin Klein and Celine have already imposed it in various styles, with sharp points, body or skin and in shades of red, black and brown, although the most popular is the python print.

The most common attire is the long skirt to give a western effect, never minis. There are some basic rules like not wearing them with sportswear or doing any combination that spoils good dress.

2. The Fanny pack

From the catwalks of Chanel, Prada, Gucci and Hermes, among others, to the “streetstyle”, the return of this mini bag is now stronger than ever. One of the most popular accessories of the 90s and cataloged, for a long time, as a “tacky” accessory, has come back to stay.

fanny pack

In 2017, the tapestry backpack was broken as a possible purse; in 2018 its most sophisticated version arrived from Paris: the fanny pack, worn over jackets and suits.

This accessory also known as kangaroo or koala bag has a great advantage over other bags: leaves hands free. That is why it has been considered the ally of travelers and now they are used to carry basic items such as cell phones, makeup, keys, among others. It reached its popularity in the decades of the 80s and 90s.

3. The animal print

It is a trend that survives any seasonal change and a classic of the autumnal season very defended by the “celebrities”, for its versatility and stylistic power.

The animal print is able to seize coats, skirts, blouses and all kinds of accessories, as their presence begins to be essential in any “outfit”.

To achieve a suitable style, the garment in animal print is combined with other black as a leather pants and white shoes with red earrings for there to be a focus of attention. Other colors that also match zebra stripes are olive green, mustard, garnet red and chocolate brown.

4. Musketeer boots

When the model Bella Hadid sheathed this shoe for the Yves Saint Laurent fashion show in Paris, it was inevitable to think that they would become the star footwear. With skirts, dresses, leggings or boots, these boots, according to the style dictated by the street, give a special touch to any “look”, both formal and informal.

The simplest way to dress is in total black: jacket, skirt or dress, shirt, belt and even bag and why not some accessories of the same color. This creates an extra elegant effect.

Another option is to wear maxi white sweaters, although it seems giant, the boots will return the silhouette. This gray footwear is one of the most complicated to combine, but the ideal is that there is another garment of the same tone as a scarf or blouse to have the perfect style. She also looks attractive with midi or mini-skirts, mini dresses and jeans. The key to a good look is the jacket, and, on the other hand, the boots should never be too loose or tight.

5. “Prince of Wales” Fabric

The classics of the 90 returns and now it is the turn of the Prince of Wales fabric, a pattern that will stay long and lying in the shop windows. Pictures on the top, frames on the bottom, on the accessories and even on the footwear. The most retro print of the next few months will be present in most of the signature designs, such as “low cost”, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein or Alexander Chung.

In the past, this pattern was almost exclusive to school uniforms, male costumes and royal costumes; now, it is turned to almost any design and achieved an overwhelming success in jackets, skirts and then in all the women’s wardrobe, becoming a unisex fashion that has also reached the catwalks.

6. Printed Handkerchief

It is a timeless print, inspired by the designs of the handkerchiefs, which is reinvented in dresses, pants and jackets, to give a bourgeois touch with retro traces, recovered in the 90s from the decades of the 40s and 50s. In the year 2018, and, above all, in 2019, it is inspired by companies such as Hermes, Celine and Gucci.

Handkerchief print

The handkerchief itself, decorated in retro style, conquers any person and is ideal for experimenting new ways of dressing little by little. It can be tied on the neck, wrist, head or waist completing a unique style. There are no rules; you just have to dare, let your imagination fly, experiment and play.

For example, tie it on your head like a big bow. This trend incorporates the bandana, a scarf that has captivated generations and has been used for years by cowboys, rockers, activists and almost anyone in the world.

7. Bell-bottoms

Returned with new proposals that left a side with marked retro point, reinventing it in “flared” trousers that have nothing to do with the imposed in fashion until now.

Bell bottoms

The word “flared” means wide-mouthed. To dress well with this garment you have to choose, over any color, the dark blue, because it looks spectacular in women of any age, stylize and lengthen the legs. You also have to make sure it’s high-waisted and opt for a monochromatic look to gain elegance and poise.

8. Fringes and more fringes

They are everywhere. On catwalks, on the street, in day and night “looks”, in superior or inferior garments.

The fringes are not always black or brown, there are also metallic colors and even as bright as red. Usually, fringed dresses are left for special occasions like parties or events. As for the shoes, they fit perfectly tennis, cowboy boots and high metallic sandals.

Nowadays, fringes with a single tone or with degradations have adapted to almost everything: from boots, earrings, purses, collars and sports shoes to the most common garments that do not go out of fashion like skirts, pants, vests, tops and dresses.

9. Lurex Fabric

The bright trend of the season is marked by the lurex, a fabric reserved for the night that moves into the day closet. It was very fashionable in the 60s and 70s, and the rules of how to use it remain the same. Do not abuse the lurex with other accessories, colors and textures, such as sequins, purine, satin or vinyl, because they are all attractive, but overall they are not appreciated properly. When it comes to colors, opt for gold, silver and bronze for sophisticated.

10. The plastic

In the middle of the era of transformation towards more sustainable fashion, there are many companies that rely on recycled fabrics, although the trend is plastic and PVC, materials whose nature is often unknown. Both in clothes and accessories, from a “look” raincoat, transparent London firm Anya Hindmarch, upto sandals with a transparent Alexander Wang heel.


Translucent fabrics existed since the 1920s in nightwear and the materials used were chiffon and tulle. Now this trend has returned strongly and there are almost all kinds of garments, including synthetic fabric shoes.