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10 ways to clean suede shoes

Suede is a material that is made with cowhide, although it is also made with the skin of other animals, such as goat, sheep or deer. The result is a soft and pleasant fabric to the touch, similar to velvet, which nevertheless requires special care and a very careful cleaning to prevent it from deteriorating.

clean suede shoes

Whether you have a shoe that is your favorite and you want to keep using it, or maybe you do not want to spend more money on a new pair and want to recycle some old shoes or suede shoes, you will need to remove the suede spots, and here we give you the keys. Today we will help you answer the famous question: how do I clean my suede shoes? Often difficult to answer. Whether its tennis, ankle boots or dress shoes, keeping them in good condition is essential to ensure a perfect look, and in this it is important that when you buy them you can spray a layer of protective suede spray.

The main problem we face with suede shoes is that the water on this material does not remove the stains, so we will see other tricks to clean the chamois. Whether black, beige or blue, as well as in any other shade, we teach you how to take care of them and to properly wash and remove different types of stains from this particular material, in creative ways such as those used to remove stains from clothes.

The first thing to do

If you have noticed that your suede shoes have been stained, the steps you should follow as an emergency measure are:

  • Try to dry the stain as quickly as possible with an absorbent paper, to contain the advance of the stain on the surface of the footwear.
  • Once the stain is dry, then look for a white eraser and try to remove it.
  • Now, if the stain still does not come out, gently press the dirty surface of your suede shoe with a cloth moistened with vinegar or alcohol.
  • The properties of sodium bicarbonate for the home are known to everyone, and in this case it can also help. Spread a bit of baking soda on the dry stain and let it act for about 2 hours, then brush the shoe gently with a suede brush.

How to clean ink spots on the suede shoes

The ink stains on the suede shoes are difficult to remove, in the same way as the ink stains on the leather, especially if the ink is a dark color and falls on light shoes. Even so, with perseverance and following the appropriate steps we can eliminate it successfully. To do this you just have to take into account the following recommendations:

  • If your shoes are stained with fresh ink you can absorb the ink with a cloth (if the ink is still fresh). Then a cotton ball moistened with alcohol passes over the stain.
  • If it is dry ink you can pass sandpaper and then eraser, since the eraser is another very effective home remedy for cleaning stains.

How to remove chewing gum from suede shoes

The chewing gum is not in itself a stain but it can be a problem if it is very stuck, since it will make our shoes look very bad. However, removing the chewing gum from the suede shoe is not complicated and with a little creativity you will achieve it. To do this you just have to put the shoe into a plastic bag inside the refrigerator, preferably in the freezer.

When the chewing gum is solidified, we should rub it with a brush with thick bristles so that the piece detaches as easily as possible. Our shoes will be clean again and ready to be used.

How to remove blood stains on the chamois

The blood stains rapidly adhere to almost any tissue, making it necessary to eliminate stress because it is complicated. You have three options:

  • First you can choose to rub with a brush with nylon bristles. This will cause you to eliminate some of the filaments that make up the chamois, but it is very useful if it is a superficial blood spot that has not penetrated the fabric.
  • In the event that the stain does not disappear or is deeper than we imagine, we should resort to a specific cleanser that cleans delicate tissues. First, test the liquid in an inconspicuous place on the shoe to make sure it does not damage it. Next, rub with a cotton cloth until the stain appears lighter each time.
  • The third option is to soak a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and then rub it gently on the stain.
  • Whatever the chosen option has been, you should finally let the stain dry before checking the result or using the shoes.

How to remove grease stains from suede shoes

The grease stains on suede can be easily removed as long as we use a product that absorbs them correctly. Follow then the following steps:

  • Moisten the chamois with warm water.
  • It covers stain fat with cornstarch or corn flour and leave at least 12 hours (ideally during night).
  • Then brush carefully over the stain.
  • Pass the steam of the iron over the spot at a distance of not less than 15 cm.
  • Then let the shoes dry completely to check the result.

How to remove wine stains on the chamois

The wine stains are of an intense color and are very striking. To eliminate them you must follow the following steps:

  • Wet a piece of cloth with cold water and twist it.
  • Pass the wet cloth through the area of the wine stain, rubbing gently.
  • Apply steam with a plate at a distance not less than 15 cm above the stain.
  • Comb the shoe with a brush.
  • Leave to dry in the open air.

How to remove water spots on suede shoe

The water spots, despite appearing easy to remove, the truth is that they can impoverish and tarnish the appearance of the shoes as they can leave an unsightly fence. To avoid the effect of water on the chamois you should follow the following steps:

  • Apply a light layer of water on the entire exterior of the shoe.
  • Then use something absorbent to remove the excess water, like a sponge. You can pass it over the surface of the shoe until you achieve a uniformity of moisture in it, not seeing water spots.
  • Place some dry paper and some absorption (without anything printed) inside the shoe to keep its original shape, helping to dry the interior better.
  • Let the shoes dry all night in a dry area and with good air renewal, avoiding all contact with heat.
  • The next day, you can use a soft suede brush so that it can look natural.

clean dust from suede shoes

How to clean dust from suede shoes

If you are lucky that your suede shoes are kept free of blemishes, and all you want to do is keep them free of dust, then it’s very simple. It is only necessary that you do a brushing once in a while to remove the dust that may remain attached to the fibers of the chamois.

Ideally, use a nylon brush and brushing is always carried out in the same direction. With this simple procedure our suede shoes will remain in perfect condition for a long time.

How to remove dirt or mud spots on suede

If you were stepping on a garden or unpaved ground (something that logically we do not recommend you ever do), then there could have been some spot of mud or earth in suede.

  • The first thing is to remove the dirt from the surface of the shoe with a soft brush and then let it dry in a warm place or directly in the sun.
  • After some time you will see that the mud will have dried, being much easier to remove its pieces.
  • After this, to clean the suede shoes you can use the suede brush that will help you remove the remaining dirt.

Other homemade treatments to remove stains in suede shoes

There may be cases in which traditional methods are not always as effective as we expect, but there will always be some alternative ways that can also be taken into account, whether it is the stain that is in the chamois.

  • For example, if we have touched a persistent and difficult to remove stain, then you can try applying white vinegar on a towel or cloth and then gently rub the stain.
  • A second homemade utensil to be used to remove stains from suede shoes is steel wool, because of its great roughness. Once the stain is dry, rub gently and if the stain has been removed but the area has been somewhat different from the rest of the shoe in appearance, then rub the rest of the shoes (remember, gently …) so there is uniformity.
  • There are cases where you do not have a suede brush (it’s true, is not a basic element), so no problem, because you can try a nail file, passing by the stain. Then, place the part exposed to the steam stain, which will help the pores of the chamois to open.

When cleaning your suede shoes, look at the origin of the stain so you can remove it in the most appropriate way without ruining your shoes. Some of the substances to clean the stains on the shoes are soda or pumpkin soup, so do not hesitate to store these two products to remove any stain effectively either those mentioned above or any other such as juice, coffee or oil among others. We hope you have learned all the tricks then to know how to remove the suede spots on the shoes effectively.