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13 style mistakes that you should not make in your guest look

I’m sure you already have one or several weddings in your calendar for the new year and you may even have already begun to think about the look you will wear, especially if they are from a relative or a very close friend. Regardless of the season in which the wedding takes place, or the style you want to look, there are a number of style mistakes that you should never, under any circumstances, commit when you attend as a wedding guest.

mistakes in guest look

1. White, reserved for brides

It is one of the maximum commandments in the world of bridal guests, although sometimes it continues to be forgotten and there are those who ignore the rule when going to a wedding. No matter how beautiful the target is and however much it favors us, it’s a big mistake to take it to a link if you’re not the bride. At a wedding the only one that should go white is the bride, unless she asks herself to be assisted by that color for some reason. So I do not recommend choosing that color, you have lots of colors to choose from.

However, if you are a fan of white and want to include it in your look, there is a way to wear it without being objectionable, you can combine other colors with white it is not the predominant in the set.

2. Shoulders discovered if the ceremony is in the church

Many may think that this style rule no longer applies, but the truth is that the respect for decorum when the ceremony is religious, remains in force in the rules for guests: It damages the sight to be in the Church and to see how some guests wear their bare shoulders with dresses with a word of honor or a boat neck. In the same way, the necklines too pronounced, are not very advisable for the guests to the weddings. The exaggerated necklines can get to be vulgar. That is why they are not advisable for those invited to a wedding.

3. Silicone braces, or underwear in sight the most unforgivable mistake

It is worth to show off shoulders, back or neckline if you are invited to a wedding, but you must wear a lingerie that allows you to dazzle and silicone suspenders, so Fashion a few years ago in underwear, they are not the best of the options. Silicone braces are one of the worst choices for a wedding guest. There are beautiful dresses, with dazzling necklines and impressive backs, but some people insist on destroying them wearing this type of suspenders.

Similarly, once you choose your guest look, you must take into account that the underwear is with you. Eye with underwear, it is a very common and unsightly mistake. We must be careful when choosing the color of the underwear that is not transparent through the dress (if you have doubts, choose the raw color, since it is the most disguised) and, above all, that we do not mark ourselves, both in hips, back or chest. It is something that should be avoided and what should be fixed before leaving home.

4. Mini miniskirts are not for weddings

A dress that is too short can be vulgar and a wedding is not the best place to wear it. The ideal would be above the knees, but if you prefer a little shorter do not miss, as there are other occasions to take them.

tight dress

5. Run away from tight dresses

It is not that they are forbidden, but they are not very recommendable for occasions when we usually eat and drink more than necessary: it is not that these are an error, but be careful with them, since they tend to stick to the body and it is a day in which we eat, drink and our belly can be marked, something that we may not like so much. Better opt for steamy dresses or to disguise that area.

6. Sandals, neither in stockings nor in sight with long dress

Transparent stockings with sandals are a mistake of style in any occasion.

7. Do not go with the accessories

On many occasions, and weddings are no exception, less is more when choosing your style: You’re not a Christmas tree, so, be careful and especially on these occasions. Remember, less is more, although in a matter of complements I always apply it. Better choose simple accessories, especially if you want to wear bracelets, rings or necklaces. Opt for a good complement for example a necklace, and do not wear anything else. This way you will not see too much heavy.

8. So yes, bikini marks don’t do it

In the summer we see the swimsuit brands and it’s really inadmissible. If you have brands choose to make them up because otherwise the souvenir photos of that day will become a rather funny nightmare.

9. If you do not know how to walk with heels, leave them at home

There is nothing more daunting and less stylish than seeing a person who is not accustomed to wearing them with heels. Many of us fall into the error of believing that it is a few hours and that we will hold with the stiletto heel, if total, it is only a little while, but the reality is that it is a very common mistake and it is fatal.

10. Say goodbye to sunglasses

It is a mistake that is often neglected and that can spoil the best of the outfits. It is horrible to see women with elegant dresses and suddenly the surprise of sunglasses that spoil styling in most cases.

11. Combine the shoe and the bag, a past fashion

This is a style mistake that we usually make: combining bags with shoes of the same color is not a good idea if you want to be a perfect guest. It is clear that you will have to match them with the rest of the look, but that is not typical of blue shoes, blue bag of the same tone, same pattern, same details, etc. And, no doubt, originality is the key.

12. Bet for discretion

Goodbye feathers and sequins. It is a mistake to wear these types of elements when we attend as guests at a wedding. These types of dresses are not the most suitable for these events, because they are too flashy. Surely, we will have many other occasions to bring them up to the year. The wedding ceremonies are not the moment.

13. Eye to the hairstyle and makeup

A good style always goes through a hairstyle and makeup that accompany it. It is important to remember that less is more in makeup. Similarly, each dress has a hairstyle and each hairstyle has an age. Errors of this type can ruin a good style.