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14 makeup tricks for small eyes

The makeup not only allows us to highlight the most attractive points of our face, it can also help us to look different and correct small defects. We can for example, with the help of a few simple makeup tricks, make our eyes look bigger and more striking. Here are some tricks to get it:

makeup for small eyes

1. Use liquid correctors

Use liquid correctors instead of those that have creamy texture to correct the area under the eyes. The liquids are diffused and applied better; they are more moisturizing, which will not mark the expression lines.

2. Bushy and defined eyebrows

One of the best tricks to make your eyes look bigger is that your eyebrows appear populated and defined. To do this, use an eyebrow pencil or a brush and shade the tone of your eyebrows and carefully fill any small empty space in them.

3. Define the form of your eyebrows

Plucking the eyebrows appropriately helps the eyes appear larger. Before shaving, use a beige pencil and color the hairs or the area that is left over. This will help you and instead of waxing blindly, you will see perfectly what you are doing.

4. Use shades in two tones

Using two different shades of the same shadow color, one lighter than the other; you will create dimension and depth in your eyelids. Use the darkest tone first, applied on the entire mobile eyelid and the lightest one from the lacrimal to the central area of the eyelid.

5. Shadows with clear eyes

The light tones are ideal to make up small eyes; they bring luminosity and greater amplitude to the look. Pastels and land colors or nacreous are the best work to enhance this type of eyes. Another great option is to give depth using two colors. Apply a shadow primer first; choose a light beige tone to make up the entire upper eyelid and then a darker shade to apply right on the outside of the eye socket.

6. Discard colors

Discard colors too dark and dull; make your eyes look even smaller. The key is to achieve a bright and radiant look.

7. Eyeliner

The eyeliner is a great enemy when it comes to makeup small eyes. Delineating the eyes is a practice that dwarfs the eyes and hardens the eyes. It is preferable to avoid its use or in case you want to mark the expression, do it by drawing a very thin line flush with the upper lashes.

8. Avoid painting the inner line of the eye

Instead delineates with a natural beige eye pencil, it will serve to enlarge the eyes. Girls with brown or honey eyes will also be favored if they delineate the water line with a green pencil. If you decide to delineate try to make it half out so you will expand your look and give the feeling of a bigger eye.

9. How to delineate the eyes

The main key is to delineate the eyelid from the eye to the middle, from the outside to the inside and always keeping a thin line. This will allow your eyes to expand and you can appreciate your eye better.

After drawing a thin line from the outside and up to the middle of your eyelid, apply a white eye pencil to the lacrimal and diffuse it to the area where you did not apply the outline. This will allow you to gain more light in the look and also cause the impression that your eyes are bigger than they really are.

10. Long and voluminous lashes

Choosing the mascara is essential to make up small eyes and make them look bigger. Opt for a mask that has an extension effect and volume effect. Start by using an eyelash curler to bend them and applies the mascara with ascending lines directing the brush from the interior eyelashes up to location. With this, you will be able to enlarge the look and give an almond shape to the eyes.

11. Try to avoid those mascara masks that produce lots of lumps or a lot of density

Since they will clump together, showing your more saturated eye and will not look bigger. The best thing is that you use a mask that illuminates your eyelashes while multiplying and lengthening them.

12. Illuminator

And finally, we cannot forget to apply the illuminator, a key cosmetic to give light and enhance the effect of amplitude. Apply a few points of light in the lacrimal, in the lower part of the eye and just below the eyebrow.

13. Make up the lips

Using a bright color on the lips and mask on the eyes is a great trick to make your eyes look bigger without using shadows. You only need to erase the spots, correct well under the eyes with a concealer and you will be ready.

14. Hair Cut

Of course, another way to achieve a more generous look in size is to help you with a good haircut. The fringes, whether they are blunt, uneven or straight, frame the look and make it the center of attention, so they achieve the effect we are looking for. You can also opt for a soft and short bangs cut diagonally.

Of course, never allow to cover your eyebrows since that would produce the opposite result. Some wicks or reflections in this area also help. If you are not one of those who die for the fringes you can opt for a layer cut that tend towards the cheekbones when the combs.