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17 style mistakes that age you

There are stages in which to be able to appear one or another age of what is not only a problem but it may even be good in certain situations. The trouble is when you start to turn more years and make certain mistakes of style that will make us look older without being aware of it.

style mistakes

If at some point you have been older than you actually have, it’s time to pay attention to the details. We reveal some of the common mistakes among those who appear to be older than they really are.

17 style errors that will make you look older

Check if you are throwing years on you with the choice of your outfits.

1. Too dark Hair

Look at your natural hair tone. In general, the hair color we have is the one that best matches our skin tone, although we may want to make a change.

If you are fair complexion, look for tones that do not contrast excessively with your skin color because they are too dark, since not only will you harden your features by adding extra years to your features, but also the general impression of your look will be that of a woman of greater of what she really is.

2. Very elaborate collections

Or classic or vintage, with a propensity to look like a TV series established at the beginning of the 20th century… In any case, this type of hairstyles so perfect tend to be too forced air and turn the attempt to become more sophisticated in one of the style errors that will make you look older.

3. Very pronounced hairstyle

As with the ones collected, it also happens with hairstyles in general. Even if you get the hair loose when the way to fix it is not natural, the result is the same: adds years unnecessarily.

The reason is that everything that is to remove naturalness and carelessness results in lack of freshness. If for example, your hair is wavy and you choose to smooth it, give it a final touch of light tousled hair with the dryer itself; I’m sure that you look much more favored.

4. Midi skirts

As much as these are a trend, like many fashion suggestions that come to us each season, do not fall into the trap: this type of skirt is essential in the typical telefilm of Saturday afternoon to which make a necessary change of image.

total black

5. Dressing in total black

Except if you are one of those who go crazy with the color black and it does not matter what side effect you have, keep in mind that the direct image that sends to our brain is of an older person. How old? Well, in any case, always greater than you really are.

6. White or gray Hair

The youngest can play in that sense to what they want, but when you start to reach certain ages, it is better to leave others dyed in gray tones or in a platinum blond so white that they would look like gray hair.

7. Too dark lipstick

It may be that with it you can give a more sophisticated touch to a specific look, but the result of this artificial detail in your features removes the youthful freshness of your face instantly. Keep this in mind: unless you intend to recreate a certain dramatic effect in your makeup, avoid this typical style mistake that will make you look older.

8. Tweed print

Not only it is a classic but also this season is a trend. But no matter how hard you try to sneak into our closet as something renovated, the association of tweed fabric with people of a certain age is inevitable.

reading glasses

9. Reading glasses

When they begin to be necessary, it is usually from ages when we do not want that we remember the years that we are fulfilling. If you need them, do not put them on the tip of your nose. Take the opportunity to give a youthful touch to your eyes.

It depends on you if you want to convert them into allies or one of the style mistakes that will make you look older.

10. Makeup foundation different from your skin tone

Who has not seen the odd time, even in those more perfect and curved makeup, the famous mask effect, where the color of the face and the beginning of the neck are different shades (and it shows a lot)?

This happens when the chosen makeup base does not exactly match the color of our skin and, whether it is more intense or clearer, it will make you age.

If it is darker, bad, because it ages; and if it’s clearer… worse, because besides being older, you’ll look sick. Remember: look for your exact color.

11. Eyebrows that are too shaved

There was a time, back in the 70s, when the eyebrows were worn like a parade of ants. So highly depilated that women changed their features in a way between the unsettling and the sickly.

Apart from fashions, marked and beautiful eyebrows are much more than the perfect frame for the look; they are the unmistakable symptom of youth.

If you need to give them a touch of color, for blondes add a pair of darker shades and for the brunettes a couple of shades lighter than the color of your hair will be fabulous.

12. Cardigans

Comfort, warmth … but beware! Being the perfect complement to close a casual look can become one of the avoidable style mistakes that will make you look older, especially in overlap with other oversize garments or if you have a few extra kilos.

13. Liner too marked lip

I do not know whether to decide if it is a mistake or a horror, but when we find a mouth profiled with a darker eyeliner than the color of the lips, which sometimes creates an imaginary bar code by the unsteady pulse, the automatic idea that comes to you is from an old lady (and a bit tacky).

If you want to correct a little the shape of your lips, choose either a tone exactly like your own or use one of the same colors as the lipstick that you are going to wear.

14. Overlay oversize garments

If we had already mentioned the effect of the midi skirt, we can still enhance the automatic aging effect by superimposing XXL garments. With them we end up looking much older than we really are.

If you like the relaxed effect of large garments, use them; but only one at a time. Otherwise you will fall into one of the usual style mistakes that will make you look older.

15. Vintage style in too many garments

It is one thing to use a garment that involves a detail with retro air, and another very different one is to dress well up and down. More than our styling, who would seem born in the old days would be us.

In this case, as in many others, we should apply the golden rule: less is more.

16. Comfortable shoes

And with comfortable shoes we refer to those whose only virtue is that, their comfort. Because anatomics that are their models will turn whole look into the proper lady.

17. Mom jeans

These proper mom jeans, with the typical high shot of the 90, are only suitable for younger and with included great figure. Otherwise it will appear that you bought them and used them for the first time in this moment and now you try to remember what it was like to be young (and superior in a nostalgic way).