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3 habits to buy clothes that you have to eliminate…

Sometimes it happens to us: we love fashion and we can not help it, this makes when we go shopping we become crazy buying things that often do not need. There are even cases of women who go into debt because of buying more clothes than they ever will. Does this sound although not so drastic?

habits to buy clothes

But there are differences between being a victim occasionally buy a garment that we love because we feel scandalous and quite another to buy, buy clothing to develop a habit of purchase will affect our pocket and our personal ethics.

That is why today give you some tips to avoid having negative purchasing habits and fashion that you have at home is because you going to use.

To sacrifice necessary things for buying fashion

You have to be realistic with the life you lead and buy the latest in handbags or brand of clothing that you like is not more important than being able to eat every day and be given money by the end of the month to make the payments you need on your bills or pay rent.

Which is more important to have a designer handbag or to continue living in your home? The answer is too easy!

If you want a bag or a pair of boots that are expensive, gets money each month in a piggy bank to go saving the amount you can until you get all the money, so you won’t feel guilty, you will have everything paid for and you get that piece of fashion that you like so much.

Buy trendy items that you do not wear

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that was fine in the window and so gave you the urge to buy it but never have you put it?

Buy clothes that do not go according to your lifestyle is throwing money away, literally. Are you a teacher of young children and never going in heels? Why buy those $600 shoes? Is it worth spending money on clothes that you will not use? Absolutely not!

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Do not wait 24 hours

Do not know the rule of 24 hours? It is a fundamental rule that every woman should use to not feel guilty to buy and not regret any purchase.

Whenever you want to buy something wait 24 hours to consult with the pillow, if not stop thinking about it, it is possible that it can really be worthwhile but if not, it is best that you forget that whim because if you buy it only be an impulsive act.