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3 minimalist looks to go perfect and with great style at work

Black dresses, suits, shirts, blouses, blazers and shovels are clothes that you can choose for a minimalist look.

The minimalist trend is an elegant, simple and attractive alternative. It does not apply only to casual outfits or night, it is also a perfect trend to go to the office elegant way.

Remember the classic colors and very feminine clothes are very important part of this trend. Look at the outfits that we have prepared for you and choose the one that you like to go to work.

minimalist looks

Black dress with gray sweater
It’s a simple and elegant look at the same time. Simply combine your black dress with high heels of the same color and add a tight gray sweater. Complemented with a black briefcase.

Suit with shirt
Costumes to give are an excellent choice to go to the office as they are modern and elegant. You can choose them in minimalist colors like nude, blue or black.

minimalist looks

This gray outfit with white stripes is perfect, just pair it with a white shirt and you’ll look very modern.

minimalist looks

Palazzo with blazer
The Palazzo are stylish, attractive and comfortable. You can choose different styles but here we show a blue shovel with a white blouse: perfect work outfit. If you add a nude blazer you will achieve an elegant and minimalist style.