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3 styles of beard to be imposed in 2019

Hair on the chin and cheeks provide an aspect of masculinity and virility. That detail so evident in the face of many men also attracts the attention of experts in fashion and personal appearance; they have determined what will be the most used beard types this year.

styles of beard

At the beginning of each year it is common to talk about the types of clothing, accessories, footwear and haircuts that will set the trend in men’s fashion, but very little importance is given to the beard styles that will be in vogue. This year is the exception, because stylists have noticed this detail.

In 2018 it was speculated that the use of thick and long beards would come to an end, however this did not happen. There were several famous people who showed themselves on the red carpets proudly wearing their mustaches and beards, of course, very well maintained.

The previous situation showed that in 2019 the use of the beard would be maintained, which would not cease to be that “detail” prized by men and admired by many women.

According to GQ, a magazine specialized in fashion, style and masculine culture, during the next months the use of the beard will continue, but yes, with some other variation.

If this year, which is just beginning, you have in mind to remove flush the hair of your face, it would be good to reconsider. And, from here will be fashionable some types of beard that you might like a lot.

Below we detail what are the new trends in beard styles that will be used in 2019.

Beard Stache

According to Man and Style, this option consists of a mustache populated with a well trimmed beard. It is simply a style where the mustache is the protagonist.

If you consider yourself a rocker or if you want to make a difference, this is the perfect option. Believe it or not, this prototype also requires some care, you will have to cut out those hairs that do not fit.

This should look smooth, so you should use certain products to achieve this effect. The idea is to have a clean beard, not pretend you have not had a bath for days.

Three-day beard

Three-day beard

To obtain this style it is recommended that you shave and let the facial hair grow for two or three days. It works for those who have thick beards, otherwise the best option is to reduce it with a razor. It is best to do it in a barbershop. Remember to retouch and define the edges; that will give you a cleaner look.

According to GQ, this type of beard is what women like most, especially those who are between 25 and 34 years of age. And according to them, this option reflects a cleaner aspect.

Beard Padlock

This archetype was used a lot during 2018, but this year it returns with more force. This style is obtained by letting grow only the mustache and hair of the chin and the goatee (the portion of hair located under the mouth); the cheeks must be shaved.

The Van Dyke variant has the upper part separated from the lower part. It is ideal for men who do not have hair on their cheeks.