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3 Tips For Dressing Your Post-Baby Body

We’ve all seen pictures of the celebrities and models who have a baby and then seem to immediately fit right back into their skinny jeans and bikinis. And while some women are blessed with the ability to bounce back like it’s nothing, most women go through what’s often called the fourth-trimester, meaning they still looking semi-pregnant for at least the next few weeks or months. But when you’re trying to be a new mom to your little bundle of joy, the last thing you want to be worrying about is trying to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes.

Post-Baby Body

So to help you feel beautiful without putting too much pressure on yourself, here are three tips for dressing your post-baby body.

Embrace Black or Other Dark Colored Clothes

With the extra weight that you’re still likely carrying, dressing in black or other dark colors can work wonders for making you look slimmer. According to Liz Krieger, a contributor to, wearing black from head to toe can make you look longer and leaner and can help to hide any imperfections that you’re not ready to face yet. Any dark colors can help to slim you in areas you need a little help with. And if you don’t like dressing all day, try adding pops of color with accessories.

Elongate Your Look

Another ways you can elongate your look is by wearing tops that are longer than a normal top. According to Stacey Stapleton, a contributor to, long cardigans are perfect for new moms because they are flattering, comfortable, and can be useful when nursing or in variant weather. By wearing a long cardigan rather than a sweatshirt or other bulky sweater, you can hide your figure without making everything actually appear much bigger than it is in reality.

Go For Flow

While it was cute and fun to wear clothes that hugged your baby bump while you were pregnant, most women find themselves wanting to avoid tight clothes right after they’ve had a baby. Because of this, Elena Donovan Mauer, a contributor to The Bump, suggests choosing tops that are very flowy and drapey. By finding clothes that flow away from your body, especially over your midsection, you won’t have to worry so much about anything left over on your belly from being pregnant. If you find a top with ruching or that’s gathered in one area, that could be a great option as long as it doesn’t cling to your body too much.

If you’re worried about how to dress your body now that you’ve just had a baby, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you look and feel sexy during this transitional period.