4 Basic Makeup Tips

When it comes to looking your best, sometimes even the most beautiful of people like to pull out some makeup tricks once in a while. Makeup doesn’t have to be something which masks your face, but rather enhances your features which you already have.

basic makeup tips

If you’ve just begun dipping into the world of makeup and aren’t sure where to get started, here are some of the most important basics to get you going on your way.

High-Quality Products Are Essential

When you are buying makeup, it’s important to keep quality in mind. When you skimp on quality and opt for something which lacks high-grade ingredients, you not only put yourself at risk for the application looking sloppy and not blending well, but you also may be setting yourself up for skin irritations.

Make sure you that you buy makeup which is suited for your skin type and color. This way you won’t find that you get home after spending a good chunk of money on good foundation only to find that you’ve bought the wrong kind.

Less Is More

Many people may want to get ahead of themselves and start moving on to heavier looks which require more skill to achieve. When you start moving onto these more advanced levels without proper training, however, you may find that you look sloppy.

Therefore, in the beginning, start gradually and work your way onto the heavier looks slowly. This way you will ease into your skills and start achieving new looks in due time rather than in a rush.

Try to start with the basics of makeup application and basic highlighting and shading. Once you master this you can start advancing to heavy eye makeup or applying false lashes.

Darker Looks Go Better At Nighttime

Wearing a heavy look like a dark lipstick or a smokey eye can be a fun and creative way to do your makeup. However, this may be heavy for circumstances outside of a nighttime setting.

Since a smokey eye is considered quite dramatic it’s best left for dim lighting and formal occasions. Whereas in the day since your skin is highly visible under the sun, you should wear light coverage and more neutral colors.

Always Wash Your Face

It’s important to wash your face completely every day when you wear makeup. Otherwise, you aren’t just potentially setting yourself up for acne, but you may find that your face takes on a dull appearance and loses its glow.

For extra cleansing, try to exfoliate at least once every other day to shed the skin of old layers. This will ensure that your skin maintains a youthful a clear appearance which allows for a smoother makeup application.