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4 things that you should never wear for the gym

It is very important that you feel comfortable and light when you train, in order to not have any distraction while you put yourself in form. So, here we point out what you should never wear to the gym and what would be the best alternative.

wear for the gym

100% Cotton Clothing
Although it may seem like a cool and comfortable option, actually cotton absorbs moisture and slow to dry, causing the sweat you accompany for a longer period of time. This adds weight to the train and can also react harmfully chills and irritation in the skin, especially in the areas of rubbing or friction.

Search sportswear made with quick-drying synthetic materials or that do not absorb moisture. You can buy sports clothing specifically designed for the sweat to evaporate rapidly.

Worn shoes
If you’re that does not renew the shoes until you see that the sole has a hole, and then you must absolutely change that way of thinking. Wear shoes with worn soles while training could even damage your joints, especially your knees.

If you train two days a week, then you can change your shoes 1 time per year. But if you train all week, or 6 days per week, then you have to renew your shoes every 3 months to prevent damage.

Low quality sports bra
It is essential that you use a good quality bra or sports bra while exercising. This will protect the ligaments and tissue in your chest of excessive stretch or stress in the area.

There are bras designed especially for low-impact activities such as yoga and others for more intense workouts like cardio. You can also choose a bra made with a fabric that absorbs moisture and covered with flat or seams to minimize chafing and trapped sweat.

Heavy Perfumes
Avoid using strong perfumes before going to the gym, since these scents intensifies when your body heats up and starts to sweat, which could provoke a strong headache during your training, or someone who is exercising near you.

Do not use strong smell perfumes when you go to the gym and opt for products without perfume.