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4 things to consider when you buy a bra

Buy a proper bra is not easy if not taken into account some basics. It is common that women have a preference on models and designs that might not match our friends, but what matters is that we feel comfortable with our bra.

buy proper bra

Today here want to explain a few things you need to consider before you buy a bra to make you feel comfortable and happy.

The first thing to consider is the color you want for your garment. To find the right one, you have to think about the clothes you have in your closet and find out what would go best with your usual clothes.

But the basics in bra are and always will be: black, white and beige, because these colors can combine with everything. If you already have many bras with these colors then has time to think of others more vivid or neutral colors.

The texture
Although it may seem somewhat secondary is not at all, fabric and texture of the bra is critical to keep in mind. You can choose a plain cotton bra for a sleek look under your shirts or maybe a lacy bra to go much sexier in those special moments.

It is what the texture, remember that what matters most are comfortable and feel sexy with it.

Fit properly
For a bra makes you feel sexy you have to look good and it is well means you put the breasts in place and not slip through or in a place that does not touch.

Also, if you have not changed bra in more than a year probably have a different taste because if you’ve gained or lost weight is probable that, like your pants have changed size, your bras also need a change.

How much can you spend
The money you have to spend on your new bra also a key thing: it is not the same spent more than less. Although the fact that a bra costing a lot of money does not mean better because you can be paying the mark. Look in the materials and in its form, but above all looking for a good relationship between quality and price!