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4 ways to combine metallic color

The metallic color in clothing can be quite a trend if we know to wear with style. It helps to add sparkle to our current look and if we know combine well we can go splendid, but yes, if we don’t know wear well maybe the result is a “galactic look” very unflattering.

combine metallic color

There are a thousand ways to wear a nice metallic look. The way to take it and wear it also depends on our style and if we want a lot or a little sparkle in our outfit. Here explain favorite ways to good metallic look and help inspire a new way of clothing.

Metallic Mini Skirt
A skirt in metallic color can be great with black stockings, high heels and a black sweater. It’s great for any formal event. We can give a modern feel and look played with shoes and color lipstick.

Metallic Shoes
Metallic shoes (with or without heels) have many good combinations. It depends on the shape of the shoe and the look we want to achieve the fact that we combine with one or other garment. For example, some metallic heels with a black skirt, a flesh-colored or dark stockings and a sweater to match the secure other garments that will be great.

But if we have metallic flat shoes with ballerina style, we can put it with any type of casual skirt as with any type of pants and matching shirt.

Metallic Pants
Metallic pants bring an extra sparkle to our outfit which does not go unnoticed. But also be a great time if we combine it with a light t-shirt, black or dark blazer and a clear shoe whether casual or more formal. Just great!

Metallic Dress
A metallic dress will always bring a lot of glamour, but wary of supplements, try to not get or in case that are not gold or abundant because it can create a look too overloaded. A metallic dress goes great with flesh-colored stockings; a natural and simple look.