5 essential items that you can use on all occasions

There are clothes that are for a specific season or to follow the latest trend, but there are other items that are basic and essential and can not miss in our look. They are clothes that do not go out of style, which is worth investing, and help you achieve a great look. Today we show you 5 essential items that you can use at all times and can not miss in your closet. Pay attention!

essential items for all time

The blazer
The blazer is an essential item for all your outfits. For work, an appointment or a departure, the blazer is the ideal, modern and easy to combine coat. Linen or cotton, colorful or neutral, it is definitely a must have that you need in your closet.

Print pants
The printed garments are striking, but everything you need for a good outfit. A patterned pant can not miss to spice and style to your look. Just combine it with a top or a neutral blouse and have a great look.

The belt
The belt is an accessory rather than a garment but it is also essential in your look! Around a cardigan, in your jeans, skirts or blazers, the belt is a must have in your look. It will give a touch of style to your outfits, better mark your silhouette and make you look fabulous.

Low or flat shoes
Low or flats shoes are essential footwear for your looks. Comfortable, versatile and can adapt to different attractive looks and give a touch of style to your outfit. Dare to neutral to match all your looks or colorful or prints if you want your outfit to highlight.

Handkerchief or scarf
Handkerchief or scarf is another basic essential that can give you a fabulous touch to your looks. For a casual or informal look, a date or an evening look, these are an ideal complement to your clothes. It can help revive a neutral outfit or complement a trendy outfit besides protection from the cold!

The essential items certainly can not miss in your look; you can adapt them for the day or night as well as formal and informal events. Be sure to add these items to your look!