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5 Fashionable Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

The funny thing about Valentine’s Day is that usually you find men looking for that something extra special for the lady in their lives, but what about those ladies looking for something extraordinary for their men? If you are getting an early start on a Valentine gift for your man, here are five fashionable gift ideas that will tell him just how special he is.

fashionable gift ideas

1. Off the Beaten Path of Designer Watches – ISSEY MIYAKE Mechanical Timepieces

Maybe your special someone chose a romantic getaway for your Valentine. Although it’s still a couple months away, he had to give you ample forewarning so that you could arrange the time away. This year, he’s chosen Thailand and that’s just fine by you! It’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to go and Thai food is your absolute all-time favorite cuisine. Why not surprise him with a superior timepiece to remind him every day of the special ‘time’ you spent together on that romantic interlude in Southeast Asia?

2. Gucci Virtus Distressed Low-Top Trainers

So, you thought Gucci only dabbled in women’s fashions? Guess again! These leather trainers priced just below $900 are a gift he’ll always remember. Not only are they fashionable as a statement piece in their multi-colored design, but the comfort level is unsurpassed and will give him hours of walking ability while you browse the windows on that trip abroad!

3. Filson Tan Notebook Briefcase

Here is another awesome idea for today’s man. The Filson Tan Notebook Briefcase is priced just under $300 and worth every penny of the expense. As a designer briefcase, it is the perfect size to hold that ever-present laptop/notebook and of high enough quality that his professional peers will drool over his latest accessory. Crafted from a material that is resistant to abrasion and water repellent, this leather-handled briefcase shouts success and is something he’ll be proud to carry.

4. Car Coat from Nieman Marcus

Originally priced at $1,850.00, this plaid wool coat can be found (if you look!) at a discounted price often up to 35% off. If you are looking to dress him in one of the most popular trends of the season, this long car coat will do the trick. Remember, the days can be quite brisk in those early spring months and this coat will give him a look that sets him apart from other men in his profession – a look that says he’s an achiever. He gets things done!

5. A Romantic Weekend for Two

Can you remember where you went for the very first tryst away from friends and family? Why not get a romantic weekend for two, which he’ll never expect in a million years? Don’t fall for the old stereotype that the guy does the travel arrangements. You are a woman in the 21st century and it’s time you had a say in where you go and what you do. (Bring along that new Victoria’s Secret lingerie and he won’t care where you go!)

There you have five fashionable gift ideas for that amazing man in your life. Make 2019 a year to remember with a timepiece that will go on giving or a romantic interlude the will set his heart ablaze. It’s up to you, so what are you going to do?