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5 fatal mistakes when buying a dress

Are you in search for the perfect dress? So pay attention and do not make any of these fatal mistakes when shopping for a dress.

Every woman should avoid to go shopping!

fatal mistakes when buying a dress

Buy what they want to sell
Follow on this sequence: Found a dress that you like a little, but does not convince. You go to the change room, try it, look in the mirror, but still does not convince. You decide to go out and show you how it looks to the seller, who insists behind the door. “You look perfect”. You believe and you buy it.

Error! Never buy something that you’re not convinced. There are hundreds of shops and somewhere you’ll surely find the one that will drive you crazy.

Do not take into account your silhouette
A dress should fit perfect, especially, to hide what you do not like and to promote the good you have. Buy the dress that is trend and that all have perhaps isn’t the best for you. Find one that flatters your figure.

Do not buy for the occasion
A cocktail dress is not the same as an evening dress or one of gala, so when buying a dress concentrate on its function. First think about what you need and focus your search in that.

If it’s for a meeting in the afternoon don’t get carried away by the charms of an evening gown, although it is divine and is in good price. If you buy wrong, you will run the danger of seeing you misplaced and they talk behind your back.

Buy a heavily loaded dress
I do not think every week you buy clothes or your wardrobe with hundreds of them counts. So when you buy a dress, look for one that is not working too, because although you put it when you draw attention to yourself, then you’re not going to be used again for the same reason.

All will remember it and now you won’t want to put it to you to. In addition, those details so far-fetched that are now used, perhaps next year these are no longer used and have to banish the dress of your life. Looking for a simple but elegant dress.

Buy without try
This is the worst mistake you can make when buying a dress. I know it when you see it looks beautiful and your waistline! But that is not enough. Even if it is the right size, often do not quite how you expect the worst and the worst is that you can not fix some stitches.