Fashion Tips

5 items that are not conducive to our silhouette but still use

There are certain items that are so comfortable and sheltered us no matter whether we favor or not. Want to know what they are? Do not miss!

flared tops

Flared Tops
They are beautiful, cool for the summer because they allow air to enter from all sides, any girl can use them, of all ages and sizes, but … hide figure. We just do not care, isn’t it?

Sometimes flared tops conceal silhouette, which is not best for women because those who know say that we must seek clothing that highlights our waistlines and shapes.

Huge sweater
This is another example of clothing that does not favor the silhouette rather hides. But many problems are not going to do, because they are warm and are great with leggings or skinny jeans, right?

Besides now they are very fashionable, and what is trending, but before we did we would have never set, now we’ll use the same.

Waist high underwear
It is not the sexiest in the world, and you know that it is not very well, but how comfortable that is! Especially when you’re in these days, when you get your period and you need reliable underwear. Just like not the litter showing out there, no one knows what they wear underneath, right?

So, we decided that if we look bad, like we’re going to keep using.

Long inflated jacket
Sometimes the coats that are fitted and nice are not anything sheltered, so not bad that we opt for large jacket that trick us well, but our shape was lost inside.

This type of jacket called balloon or feather trend was last winter and although we did not stay as the models, we use the same, because after all, appearance is not everything, right?

Harem pants
Controversial, these harem pants or slipper are not the best to show figure, because sometimes seem somewhat ridiculous. If you are one of those that used these pants, you will surely recommend them because they are the most comfortable that you used in your life, or am I wrong?

The clothes that we love not always favor our silhouette, but it’s so comfortable that we will never stop to use it.