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5 makeup shades that you can carry everywhere

Every woman should have a basic and essential makeup that makes her look beautiful and presentable at all times. This makeup is for both formal and informal events. Also you can use it both in the day and at night adding a few changes. These are six shades that you can use for different looks and occasions.

makeup shades

Neutral Tones

The discretion provided by neutral tones allows you to create different levels of intensity, texture and depth in your face. So, just add some cool shades or add contour and illuminator transform a natural look into another loaded one. For that reason, it is advisable that you get a palette with these shades.

Makeup with golden tones

The golden tones are very favorable for the brown and dark skin as it enhances the tone of your skin; as well as its features. Use this tone with some more tenuous, like hazel and beige; that way your makeup will be balanced and sophisticated.

Mauve Rose

This color is good with both whiter and warmer skins. Therefore, it is perfect to create a natural look that you can use either as a shade or on some lipstick. You could even use it as a blush.

Coral or Peach

The peach or coral colors not only apply on the cheeks or on the lips, these also look spectacular on the eyelids. One advantage is that it will enhance the color and shape of your eyes, giving them natural warmth.


Some red shades look perfect for your eyes to look spectacular day by day. The key is to combine it with brown colors to give depth to the eye socket and balance the intensity of the red. As for lipsticks, it is essential that you find the red that best suits you as it is a classic and sensual color that every woman should have.