Shopping Tips

5 rules for shopping

Let’s be realistic: what woman does not love going shopping? It could be said that the majority of women are happy with a bag or a new garment in the closet, and how not, to enjoy, walk and choose those items that we see and then say it has to be mine!

rules for shopping

While it is true that most of us do not have a very high budget, it may be because there are other priorities at home, or just saving for a trip. But, hey, it’s normal to want to go shopping occasionally. Today we give you the steps to necessary shopping for you to come home with what you wanted, without leaving your budget and without any remorse.

Check your closet
It is always important to check the closet before you go shopping. Look at your wardrobe, what you need, what you have to renew, garment that you like to combine with another, etc.

Your budget
Before leaving home, you must set your budget. Divide the basic budget and whim. That is, we will use a portion of the budget to replenish the wardrobe basic garments, or to buy those basic we need. Remember that in this category enter underwear and pajamas! This allows you to save money while shopping.

The other part of the reserve in case you see one or more of the items that you’ve fallen in love at the time.

Go shopping
Before buying in the first store in which you enter, review several, compare prices and where the clothes you like best. Choose your clothes carefully. It should stay good, to be the right size.

Whims wear
Regarding Whims garments we will also go to several stores, review the items that we fell in love at a glance and compare prices and preferences. In addition, as they are not wardrobe garments, we must ask whether the price is worth it, how many times we’ll it, if we can make various combinations considering our lifestyle, and most importantly if it really helps our figure.

Of course, if in our shopping trip, can not find something that meets all these requirements, or there is nothing worth. Reserve this budget for the next time when you go shopping, or for other things you need most.

When it comes to the sales period, follow the same rules. So you will gain all you need to enjoy many discounts outdoors on a budget, but it is also a good time to give some quirk, if the discounts are worth.

Now you know the rules for shopping, so you get everything you need (and what not), without leaving your budget. And you feel remorse for purchases or what you have spent.