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5 style rules that you should break this winter

The street style mandates: as much as fashion usually adapts to the label, there are occasions when trends are contrary to protocol. Some of the most stylish girls have shown that, in Fall/Winter 2018-2019, certain typical dress standards conflict with the collections seen on the big catwalks.

Thus, this season we should banish some myths of clothing related to the change of season, for example, keep for months the clothes that we usually associate with summer. Olivia Palermo or Xenia Adonts, among other influencers and models, prove that, in fashion, the end does justify the means: it’s worth skipping the rules, as long as the final appearance is elegant.

goodbye white pants

1. Say goodbye to your white pants

It is prohibited to keep the garments clear until next summer, much less the white ones. Although this color is one of the favorites when summer comes, it also offers many options in winter, especially if combined with the other great neutral, black, as Xenia Adonts does.

The German chooses basic as a dark knit sweater, a black feather and white sneakers to complete trousers that could well have worn in the hot months, and add a touch of trend with your mini-bag.

wear pearls

2. Wear pearls only at night

Leaving the most striking jewelry for after 6 pm is something that this season will be unthinkable. Everything that has pearls will accompany us from morning to night.

They will be the perfect accessory if we want to give an elegant touch to an office style, or the extra brightness of a sophisticated night set. An example is proposed by Natasha Goldenberg, creative director and style icon, who makes the pearl necklace her accessory for the whole day.

flower dresses

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3. Forget the flower dresses

The floral dress is one of the favorites when spring arrives, since in addition to combining with infinite accessories thanks to its color, it is a very useful garment to dress quickly with much style.

Of course, in winter the dress needs a touch of trend that adapts to the new season and protects you from the cold. A long coat and boots of a neutral color (black, brown, navy, etc.) are a perfect duo to wear dresses on cold days, plus two basics that we all have in the closet.

hide abdomen

4. Hide the abdomen

Although of course most of the fortunes are not going to get enthusiastic with this trend, the crop top continues unbeatable in the street style. It is confirmed by the most stylish women who have found an alternative to continue wearing it when it is no longer so hot.

Bella Hadid revealed the idea of using the cardigan as a top leaving only a button fastened. However, you can also recycle those short shirts you have worn during the summer by adding a warm garment on top.

wear sequins

5. Wear sequins only on New Year’s Eve

The catwalk has spoken, through Dolce & Gabbana, Prabal Gurung or Alberta Ferretti, and thinks that the shines in both skirts and dresses will be the ones that light the autumn days, no matter how cloudy they may be.

It is no longer necessary to wait until the end of the year because the sequins have escaped the concept of a party. Skirts with glitter, the most combinable garment of this trend, have become an ideal choice for any look that we want to make a little stylish.

To reduce a little the formality, you can combine them with sports if you want to leave with a more casual touch, or with prints as diurnal as the pictures, as Olivia Palermo does with her jacket.