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5 Summer Trends that Will Have You Turning Heads

It’s finally, actually, really and truly summer. Time for super fly beach accessories, skin-baring outfits, and totally hot toe-nails. So, what are the five hottest trends emerging this season?

temporary tattoos

1. Temporary tattoos with class

The temporary tattoo has made an impressive re-entry onto the trendy scene, sloughing off its cloak of childhood carnival fun, and risen like a phoenix, adorning cute girls from coast to coast.

Thanks to the upswing in affordable indie fashion companies, creative approaches to old ideas are popping up everywhere (hang tight for trend #2, if you don’t believe) and the revisited version of rub-on tattoos takes the prize. Predominantly gold and silver, usually featuring patterns (which can be cut, wrapped, mixed, and modified) these tattoos add bling to any beach outfit.

2. Circular towels

Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? We’ve been doing circular rugs forever, but until early this spring, round beach towels had not been a thing. Lucky for us, that trend has taken serious hold, because nothing makes more sense than a towel you don’t have to rotate every time you shift to chase the sun. Not to mention, the unique shape will grab attention faster than that your nude-hued monokini (well, at least as fast).

3. Turquoise everywhere

Turquoise jewelry with real turquoise can be so expensive you might be wiser to invest in a painting by your favorite artist. Still, this year, turquoise is so hot you might just want to take out a loan, or get smart and buy some turquoise coated bangles and oversized rings, because let’s be honest, next year, that look could be less hip than Britney’s buzz cut.

Wear it around your waist, neck, fingers and wrists, but this season, the more you wear the better. Just one ring won’t look nearly as sick as three or four, right? Don’t forget you can throw some turquoise colored polish on your toes for accent. We prefer Essie.

4. Bare midriffs

It’s a look that’s in one day and out the next, but this year, the bare midriff has found it’s place on the trend watch – once again. And its hold is steady. Maybe that’s because the re-emergence of high-waisted denim (shorts, pants, and slacks) has added some sexy mystery to the midriff exposure scene.

That means: if your belly button is showing, you’re doing it wrong. Instead, rock a halter or crop with anything high-waisted. The effect is long legs and bare skin with a kick of enigma. So good.

5. Rompers

If you’ve been living under a rock in a cave, then maybe you failed to notice that rompers were making a massive comeback. Chambray, cotton, long sleeved or short, cheeky or full length, belted, patterned, plain: everything is fair game.

To truly rock the romper look you have to find an attitude to match. In fact, all of this season’s hottest accessories are best paired with a mixture of joie de vivre and devil may care. So don’t forget to keep your personality as hot as your accessories.