Fashion Tips

5 Tips Finding Your Signature Fashion Style

A lot of people seem to roll out of bed and look fantastic in whatever they throw on. They have an intuitive sense when it comes to what clothes to put on. Their signature style stands out in a crowd and turns heads.

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It can be puzzling to look down at your own fashion choices and wonder what you’re doing wrong. Fear not, however. Having your own fashion style is as simple as following these tips.

Find Original Clothing

Rather than going into the first store that you see and buying whatever everyone else is wearing, think again. Try to find original clothing that you can’t find anywhere you look.

Having an original edge and sense of fashion which no one else can get their hands on makes you original and unique. Why be homogeneous and boring when you can choose something that no one else has?

Don’t Follow The Trends

It may be tempting to look through magazines and train your eye to believe that whatever style you see a repetition of you should emulate. However, rather than adopting the mindset of everyone else, reject playing it safe.

Trust your gut and feeling and choose clothing that you like. Don’t be afraid if you doubt yourself at first. Over time you’ll start to have more trust for your fashion choices, and you’ll make bolder and bolder moves.

Know Your Silhouette

One of the biggest mistakes that many fashion newbies make is not learning how to dress for their silhouette. Regardless of what designer you’re wearing or how beautifully handmade any piece of clothing is. If it isn’t made for your body type, it won’t look right.

Knowing your silhouette means being familiar with whether you can pull off a look which accentuates or minimizes certain areas of your figure. The last thing that you want to do is bring attention to an area of your body that should be played down more. The same goes for knowing when to accentuate certain parts of your shape as well.


Never underestimate the power of accessories. With the right tools, anyone can turn an everyday outfit into 100% glamour. Knowing what to piece with what is key.

Try to play around with all sorts of looks and pieces to find what works best for your style. You might be surprised to find that you look great in something you never imagined you could pull off!

Be Inspired

Fashion is a process which is continuously evolving. Look around every day at the world around you and draw inspiration from it. Whether it’s someone else’s fashion or even a painting.

Fashion is an extension of self-expression. So don’t be afraid to be inspired by the self-expression of others.