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5 Tips for Buying a Tie for Every Occasion

A global pandemic may seem a weird time to buy formal wear. Still, everyday occasions press on through social distancing and other challenges. Dressy occasions and professional events are the same.

Tips for Buying a Tie

Attending a wedding or board meeting on webcam instead of in-person is no excuse for slacking off in the wardrobe department. Your top half is featured in these video chats, so making sure your sense of style is fresh and fashionable before buying a tie is vital.

Your clothing needs are the same as always, and so is your need for continuing fashion education. Lucky for you, that’s what these five smart tie-wearing tips are for. Make sure to read this list before making your next necktie purchase.

1. Buy Versatile Ties

Most folks aren’t fashion experts, and many don’t have the funds to keep a closet stuffed with ties. Money being tight right now doesn’t help your tie selection. In these situations, an easy way to keep your wardrobe snappy for all occasions is by buying versatile ties.

Black is famous for going with any outfit, and this is true of black ties, too—in a sense. Black ties are sometimes considered most appropriate for formal events and aren’t always the best choice for other occasions. Dark colors like burgundy, plum, or midnight blue make good substitutes.

Another way to mix and match tie colors and patterns without spending too much is to buy reversible ties. These are ties with one color and/or pattern on one side, and another on the flip side. This gives you two different styles while saving money by buying only one tie.

2. Buying a Tie for Funerals

It’s sad to think about, but most people are faced with loved ones’ mortality more than they’ve ever been right now. While preparing for illness and death isn’t a fun activity, it’s best to have your ducks in a row before tragedies happen. When someone you know passes away, the last thing you want to do is hit the store for funeral clothes.

Buying a funeral suit and tie might seem obvious: You’re just supposed to wear black, right? The truth of funeral wear is a little more complicated.

One thing to consider is that people in some cultures and religions don’t wear black at funerals. Some people outside of these traditions specify that they want nobody to wear black at their ceremonies.

Being invited to one of these funerals might throw you off if your wardrobe lacks variety. Expanding your selection of ties helps you prepare for the unexpected in hard times.

Another consideration is that there isn’t one style of black suit and tie. Using subtle patterns and textures on black ties helps you respect the deceased through style. There are also different tones of black and dark gray that shouldn’t be mismatched.

Make sure you have color-coordinated black outfits for when you need them.

3. Explore New and Interesting Materials

Most ties are made from silk or less expensive synthetic imitations like polyester. One of these classic options will look good, but a fun way to spice up your wardrobe is with ties made of materials you might not have considered or constructed in surprising ways.

Knitted garments are often associated with grandmas and winter wear, but knit ties are a high-class look for any age and season. They go with more casual outfits too, for when you can skip the suit jacket.

Or, you could get a tie made of something beyond unexpected, like duct tape. A tie like that might seem too wacky to wear. Yet, recent duct tape fashion contests prove that these creative accessories are appropriate even for proms, weddings, and other formal events.

4. Tie in Some Seasonal Colors and Patterns

A classic way to keep your tie selection fashionable is to stay seasonal with your ties. They’re appropriate year-round, but knitted ties come in classic sweater patterns too for all your winter formal wear needs. Sweater ties are a great option for certain events like dressy ski lodge dinners, too.

If you’re looking for something more casual, patterns like Halloween pumpkins, menorahs for Hanukkah, and Easter eggs are a fun way to go. Not every pattern is this bold: Tessellated tie patterns turn things like fall leaves and snowflakes into abstract designs.

A subtly patterned tie lets you stay formal and fashionable in a unique way.

If patterns aren’t your thing, seasonal colors are another fashionable option. Make a statement with deep fall colors and vivid greens and yellows in summer. Keeping your colors in season is sure to impress as people notice your attention to fashion detail.

5. Themed Ties for Fashion and Fun

There’s a themed tie for every event and interest you can imagine. If you can’t find a tie with what you want on it, you can get one custom-printed.

In some jobs, like if you’re working as an elementary school principal or even a dentist, you can take this opportunity to maximize friendliness and fun with kooky patterns like pencils, atoms, and smiling toothbrushes.

On the other end of the spectrum, subtle and classy patterns aren’t just for seasonal occasions.

Designing a tie with your company’s logo is a way to look sharp at professional events. Other patterns like decorative fish, subtle coffee beans, or leaves are often accepted in formal situations. A classic abstract pattern like houndstooth or plaid is a bold and good-looking choice for the right outfit.

Be Entertained While Meeting Your Fashion Goals

These five tips on what to look for when buying a tie are a sure way to improve your look. After you’re set-up with new ties, take a look at our site for more useful fashion and beauty ideas.

So many fashion fans stay stuck watching reality TV and never live out their goals for lack of training or money. We’re here to help you make your dream look a reality with wallet-friendly tips and tricks. Get started on the path to fashion success by clicking on another article now.