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5 tips to hide any area of your body

Some important factors for women to analyze body, is to be realistic, look objectively and stop seeing ghosts where there are none. Using colors, accessories, clothing types, textures and prints strategically can help us balance our body, so want to give 5 tips to help look radiant and stylish.

hide any area of your body

Use right underwear
Learn to choose our underwear has implications for our look, as a bad bra or panties that fit a large or small will ruin our clothing looks like. Always keep in mind that underwear should not create any wrinkles or texture in our outerwear, moreover the bust must always look at its point, neither very high nor very low, so graduates well the straps of our bras and recalls the nipple must be located in the middle between our elbows and shoulders.

Use neutral and dark colors in the area we want to hide
Dark colors stylize and make us see more elegant. Strong colors tend to bounce light and as a result make our eyes see something expanded parts of the body, so women who want to hide certain area must use dark colors because it absorb light but do not bounce. The colors that we use in the area that we want to disguise are all dark colors which are close to the black. Try monochromatic look, this will generate a line refine our silhouette.

Avoid wearing flashy prints and textures in areas that do not favor
Use of textures and prints our best allies. We put it in areas where we feel proud, or for example, if we’re small breasts and like to make these look great, in this case nothing better that to our wardrobe garments with prints to the upper part of our body. That if, in the parts that we want to neutralize, we don’t agree because it will make the eyes reach there.

Use simple designs and straight cuts
These designs stylize our body, visually make the areas of our body where we will see more long and neutralizes those points that we want to that the other does not see in it.

Draws attention to another area of our body that we like
Create outfits that highlight the beautiful parts of our body and neutralize that not to make us reflect an integral balanced image. Light up our face, working on having a cute and sexy hair, brightens our skin and put color, patterns and textures to the most attractive parts of our body.

Remember we can create balance and harmony in any type of body whenever we do use the proper tools in dress.

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