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5 ways to look chic zebra print

The animal print is super trendy print and widely used in different looks. While the Leopard print is the best known, there are other animal prints like zebra that will give an elegant touch to your outfits.

Do not miss how to incorporate the zebra print with these looks!

zebra print

A coat is an ideal garment to wear this original print. The combination of black and white is super chic and can be combined with dresses, skirts, jeans or pants. The beauty of this versatile zebra coat is that you can adapt to looks for day or night.

A great option to always see fashionable!

The shoes are a great choice to wear the zebra print. You can opt for a sweet little for a casual look with jeans or skirt, or some stilettos for elegant and formal look with a black dress.

The pattern will give a bold touch to your look and will look great.

You can also wear this with a skirt pattern. You can combine it with a t-shirt printed for a more informal casual look or with a crop top for an elegant evening look. Add sandals or platform heels and have a great look.

If you opt for a black and white look, feel free to add a glaze of gold, pink or violet nail polish to give a touch of color.

The shirt is an excellent garment to wear this bold print. You can choose to combine it with a pair of jeans and black oxfords for a casual look or leather pants for a fabulous evening look.

Add a few accessories of gold bracelets or necklace to give a touch of glamour.

zebra print

Accessories are a great complement to our looks and so are great choices to wear a patterned fashion. Select a zebra clutch to match for a casual look with a pair of color and a leather jacket.

You can also use it for an elegant evening look with a black dress.

What do you think of zebra print? It is bold, modern but also elegant and versatile to adapt to varied look. We encourage you to incorporate it into your wardrobe and you will look fabulous.