Coats and Jackets

6 basic coat colours for your outfit

Many times when we set up our perfect outfit for an occasion such as a date, office look or a night out, we usually leave the choice of coat for last. But the reality is that the coat is the first thing to see in our dress and if we want a good look, we need to pay attention.

color coats

To not fail at our choice, pay attention to the basic colors of coat to our outfit!


A color that never fails is beige, is an elegant, modern and very versatile color. We can adapt it to looks for day or night, formal or informal, and a basic option that will make our look always fabulous.

If we want a coat that we can use at any time, choose a classic and simple design.


Brown is another great color that we can adapt to our looks to see modern and attractive. It is a versatile color that looks great with neutral colors like white, blue or beige. It is perfect for office look or attractive casual look.

We can also use it for the night although it looks better during the day.


White is usually not a typical colored coat. While it is true that there is a risk of stain is often a very elegant color and easy to combine, we can shine for a formal evening look.

The good thing about this color is that it never goes out of style and we can use it in a trendy as a modern layer design.


The black is the classic color for excellence. Versatile and easy to match, never gets old. It is certainly a coat that can not miss for a look of office during the day, outing with friends or any look that requires a coat.

As the black is classic and safe, it can give an original touch by choosing a modern and different design.

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Within the intense colors, green is a color that gives life to our looks and always looks good with any outfit. In patterned, plain, monochromatic looks, green is a bright color that will give our look a modern and innovative twist.

But also, it is a color that never fails and will make us feel secure and confident.


Blue is another basic color that can not miss in our outfit. Jackets, coats or long coats, a color that stands out and gives life to the garments but that also knows very well accompany each outfit.

We can opt for a blue leather jacket for a night out with friends, a trench coat for a professional office look or a heavy coat for a casual look with skinny jeans.

If we want a versatile coat that can adapt to different outfits, think of these warm color coats that make our outfit look fabulous.