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6 golden rules to wear white

White is elegant, sophisticated and versatile and can adapt to different looks, climates and occasions. However, to achieve a fabulous look with white you should pay attention to these golden rules that will ensure you to use it and wearing it in an incredible way.

rules to wear white

Do not use white dress in a wedding

The first golden rule is never wear white in a wedding unless you are the bride! In a wedding you must leave that the honored one takes the leading role. If you are using white you call the attention and nobody will like your attitude.

It is the only event in which white is not an option.

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Put a touch of color

White is a versatile and very attractive color. But you must give your own touch of original color if you opt for a minimalist look. You can do it with high-heeled shoes, a clutch or color lipstick.

So you will give life to the look without overpowering the prominence of white.

Do not use colored underwear

If you want elegant and sophisticated look you must be careful with your underwear. Regardless of the occasion should be aware that white is a delicate color can show through. If you choose too colorful underwear, you can notice and ruin your look.

To be confident and secure, white underwear is the best choice.

Do not use it in your days

As you know, white is delicate, it is transparent and must be very careful to keep the look neat and in good condition. So avoid wearing a skirt or pants if you are on your period because you will feel insecure.

You should also be careful where you sit or when you eat because you run the risk of ruining the outfit.

Do not use white dress without a bra

White can show through and the worst idea that could happen to wear a white blouse with no bra. Think that do not attract attention with good intentions, it will give you a vulgar image and for nothing elegant.

Note that you do not have to show everything to look sexy, it is better to suggest and keep the elegance.

used white with tanning

The white looks incredibly well when you use it on a tan. That is the characteristic color of summer. If you have an event or special occasion and want to go white it is best to apply sunbathe or artificial self-tanner.

It will give you an amazing look!

Keep in mind these golden rules to wear white and you can create an elegant, sophisticated and feminine attire.