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6 ideas to combine a tartan shirt

They can be called tartan shirts, checked shirts, Scottish shirts or lumberjack shirts. The original tartan is a wool fabric, with squares or crossed stripes, typical of Scotland. Each Scottish clan has a different design and colors for its tartan. Originally used only by men.

combine tartan shirt

Later, in the Victorian (1837-1901) and Edwardian (1901-1910) eras, the tartan shirt also became a part of women’s fashion. It fell a bit into oblivion because it was considered a typical conservative fabric, until the Peak Punk, in the late 70’s that used it to the contrary: as an anti-system emblem. Subsequently, the Scottish designer Alexander McQueen used it very much, so much so that the exhibition tribute that was made to his work at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, had a whole section dedicated to his designs in tartan.

Now the tartan is not only made of wool, but of many other fabrics. It is very fashionable, both in coats, pants, scarves and wallets.

Today we will see some tips to combine tartan shirts and be in the latest fashion.


The tartan shirts of women usually use, in many of their designs, a touch of blue. That is why they always look perfect with jeans. Try that jeans are rather dark than clear. You can wear the shirt inside or outside, but it may look better on the inside and with a belt in another one of the shades of your shirt design, preferably in a contrasting one, like yellow or red. You can also use a jacket in navy blue, which will be perfect.

With black

The Grunge tended to prefer red shirts and black tartan. If that’s your way, you’d better use it in a more polished way with tight black pants and high-heeled boots. Another option is with a black short skirt and black stockings. If you choose the skirt you can use it with stilettos or low-heeled booties. I’ve also seen them on the outside, with black leggings. In that case I recommend you use black stilettos.

With jacket

This is another way to wear your tartan shirt. Pants and top in colored blocks and over the tartan
shirt. You can also use it on a one-colored dress. There are people who wear it open over top and skirt, but with a belt that girdles it. Another option is with jean skirt, tank top and on it the shirt open and inside the skirt.

combining prints

Combining prints

This is difficult, but well done it can be very successful. The idea is to combine the tartan shirt with pants or skirts with other prints, whether floral, dotted or striped. Try that the range of colors of both prints is similar, so that the contrast is not excessive. Since you are going to wear something visually strong, try to make the shoes and accessories as simple as possible.

With jean jacket

In this case, it is better not to wear jeans or skirts. Opt for pants or skirts of solid and dark colors. The skirt or pants and the tartan shirt should have similar tones, so that the jean jacket is the contrast. For this reason, it is also better that in this case you do not wear tartan in shades of blue. For example, if you wear a dark green skirt with a shirt in shades of green, the jacket will harmonize.

With leather

In this case we refer to different leather elements. The tartan shirt, with leather pants can look sensational. Also a leather skirt, for example in medium brown, with tartan shirt in dark tones, with a black jacket looks great. The tartan also looks great with leather boots, either knee high or ankle boots. With suede or leather jackets in light tones you can also see your tartan shirt very well.

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Remember that the tartan is usually a fabric for winter; it is also a typical casual-chic garment. The tartan can also be used in accessories such as bags, jackets, wristbands and necklaces. Enjoy the trend….