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6 mistakes when dressing to go to office

A good office attire is much harder to achieve than a casual outfit. It is not easy to find a modern and elegant look that is appropriate for the workspace. And in that task we end up making some serious mistakes.

avoid office look

However, making a mistake in a casual look is much less risky than in the office that you have to give a serious and professional image. So pay attention to these mistakes that you should avoid in your office look.

1. Short skirts

Wearing skirts that are too short is a big NO for the office. It is not time to show your legs and it will not give you a professional look. Leave the miniskirts for an outing with friends!

If you want an image that inspires respect and seriousness without losing elegance choose skirts by the knee or below.

2. Too much neckline

I understand that if you have the attributes, you will want to show them, but the neckline is something that you should only use once outside of work. Opt for button-down blouses, shirts closed to the last button and attractive but serious looks.

3. High Heels

Shoes are a great temptation for women. They stylize us, they empower us and they make us look fabulous. However, you must bear in mind that to perform in the office you must feel comfortable.

The high heels are a great discomfort that is better to endure at a party or an outing. For the office, lean on shoes with low heels. This way you will look elegant and beautiful and you will be able to move easily.

4. Jewels that distract

The accessories help us to look feminine and give life to our outfits. However, you should avoid the temptation to distract with too many gems. The big rings, the necklaces with glitter or several rings are appropriate for a casual look but not for the office.

You should look for a neat and elegant look and for that the best thing is to choose a bracelet or a subtle ring or even a delicate chain or necklace.

5. Jeans in formal places

Jeans are acceptable in certain work environments that are informal or for friday casual office. However, if you have a strict and professional workplace you should opt for dress pants.

For a casual work environment choose dark jeans and combine with blouses and blazers for a good look.

6. Use the crop top fashion

The crop top is a garment that has managed to cause a great frenzy in fashion and you can look casual looks but also elegant and stylish looks. While it is a fun and original garment, you should avoid using it in a work environment. The same with tops or very tight shirts; you know that a loose and comfortable garment is better.

You can keep your style within an elegant and appropriate look. Leave the trends for casual looks and choose classic and safe garments. Have you made any of these mistakes when dressing in the office?