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6 tips you should know to walk properly with heels

Walking with high heels can be a challenge; some women with practice dominate well, while for other achieve the balance without that hurt their feet seems to be an impossible task.

walk properly with heels

If you have a wedding, a special occasion when you want to look fabulous with cute shoes or simply want to learn how to dominate your heels; pay attention to these tips that will help you to walk properly!

Choose good quality
If you want to walk properly with heels is essential to choose a good shoe, quality and do not hurt you. Believe it or not, many times the quality of the shoe influences in the form of walking, so you must sure be a good shoe.

Shoe with soft interior
A great tip is to buy shoes with soft interior or add a template in the shoe heel to absorb shock of pain or friction that occurs when walking. This prevents damage to our feet and we can walk feeling more secure and confident when walking.

Support the foot correctly
The way you support the foot is essential when walking. If you do not want to look like a duck, avoid supporting the toe and heel at the same time. Supports the heel first and then the toe, and thus will walk properly.

Walk straight
To walk well in heels you need the body and back straight and look straight ahead. Walking with attitude but taking into account the floor and heels. Thus you will be able to give elegance to your look and avoid bending your feet with a bad movement.

Choosing the right form
Choosing the right form is crucial to walk properly in heels. If your shoe presses you when you put yourself on it or it is too big, do not buy. There are many different forms, so you must take the time to try different sizes and walk with them.

If you want to feel comfortable, and walk, you need to practice: nobody is born knowing how to walk with heels. Walk into your house and try to use heels at least once before going to a party. So your feet get used to the shoes and can walk naturally.

It is certainly not easy to walk with heels comfortably but if you follow these tips you will ensure to have a quality and comfortable shoes; you only need to walk up straight and with attitude to look like a model.