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7 Most Stylish Wedding Dress Designs for Various Figures

Your wedding day is supposed to be the most important day of your life; and you are obviously going to want to be the best-looking girl there. By simply wearing a wedding dress and radiating happiness, you are sure to look attractive; but if you want to push your style over the edge you are going to want a fashionable wedding dress that accentuates your figure. Included here are a few of the most beautiful options for various figures.

mermaid wedding dress


A modern twist on previous wedding dress styles, the mermaid cut has risen to fast fame in recent years. Ideal for those tall and slender women, the mermaid gives a beautiful accent to your figure without becoming overbearing. You will appear curvier and slimmed, but have the beautiful accent of the skirt to give your figure volume.

Empire Waist

One of the most beloved classics, an empire waist can accentuate most figures; especially if you are petite. The bunched accent of the empire waist gives the impression that your legs are longer than they are. Pair this style with vertical lace or embellishments to further the lengthened look.

Sleeves and Straps

Different types of accents in the form of sleeves and straps can benefit nearly every bride. If you are of a more petite nature, having a V-line neck leading up to straps of lace can give you length and slimming effects. If you are a plus-sized bride, covering your arms with a light chiffon sleeve can break up your shape and give you a more flattering image on your wedding day.

Sweetheart Cut

Another long-lasting classic, the sweetheart cut is ideal for those with larger busts. The cut of a sweetheart dress can help the neckline seem longer while showing off your prized assets. Even women of average bust size can benefit from the delicate, feminine appeal a sweetheart cut communicates.


Ideal for those trim, petite ladies, a sheath style dress is perfect for accenting your figure. Smaller ladies have potential to be overwhelmed by big, flowing princess dresses and should utilize the “less-is-more” mantra. A sheath dress will be slimming and hug your curves, accenting all the right angles. With the right cut for the right body type, you can elongate your figure and benefit from the flattering effect.

Form Fitting

If you are a petite young woman who longs for the flowing wedding dress, do not despair! You can emphasize your figure in the right ways without giving yourself a squat appearance. Choose a form-fitting under layer dress and add a free-flowing transparent tulle skirt over the top to add movement and volume without smothering your shape.

Asymmetrical Designs

If you are a plus-size bride, you are going to want dresses that emphasize your qualities while being flattering. Opting for a dress that features asymmetrical ruching or beadwork can help draw the focus inwards and up, creating a lengthening, slimming effect.