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8 colors that should never be combined

Fashion can be a bit complex for some people, especially when it comes to color and clothing combinations. However, although there are some established color parameters that we will see below, the reality is that each one subsequently has the freedom to mix the colors as they like and how they feel comfortable.

Let’s see what would be the bad color combinations clothes that you should never combine to look good.

colors should never combined

1. Brown and black

Brown and black are two dark colors that should never be combined in our clothes because it will not shine. Alternatives in pastels or neutral colors that always looks good with these two colors.

2. Gray and Brown

Yes, it is bad. Please never use gray and brown in the same look. There are many colors that are sure to find the best option to combine.

3. Blue and black

A navy blue dress and a black jacket are not so good. Leave aside the black, which always seems so certain, but which sometimes can make us commit silly with our look.

Black for shoes we can get a permit, but there are fascinating colors that make us look beautiful with blue, like the soft warm, clear cold or silver.

4. Red and Green

These colors are great for Christmas, but not for our clothes! If we do not want to look like a Santa’s helper, not combine red and green in our clothes.

5. Green and pink

These two colors are a variant of the above and really very bad color. Imagine a green pants and a pink top. Very worst color combinations for clothes!

green and pink

A good way to mix colors that contrast well with each other is to choose their more powdery, less saturated versions. This same look would be much more difficult to wear if green were a neon hue and pink a fuchsia.

green and orange

6. Green and orange

Again with this range of colors that are not carried at all well together. Green does not look quite right with warm colors. Do not make that mistake.

7. Purple and Yellow

Perhaps some do not seem so bad, but they are two colors that have nothing to do with each other. If we wear these colors, try best to mix it with another that is better and never use it together.

red and orange

8. Red and Orange

Being very close colors in the color scale, don’t want to mix them, as it happens with Brown and black. Try other colors to find the perfect combination.

Check below video tips for mistake in color combination:

If we’re afraid to commit a mistake in combining the colors of our wardrobe, we have to base it on the advice and the following: never combine more than three colors, and if we do it, that the third is only for details or accessories. Also, when in doubt, remember a foolproof combination: black and white. Also this last, white goes with anything, so we’ll never confuse.