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8 Simple Fashion Tips For Men

Most men don’t want to dive into a fashion magazine every season to know how to dress for work. They like to keep things simple, and to look put-together without having to make a huge amount of effort. If you’re hoping to improve your style game this year but aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to menswear, use these basic fashion pointers to get started.

fashion tips for men

Invest in professional shirts. If you wear a collared shirt to the office everyday, this should be one of your most important purchases. Your shirt should fit perfectly – it shouldn’t be too snug or baggy, and regular ironing is key. Opt for a classic cool style like rm williams shirts and rotate your favourite style in various colours and prints throughout the week.

Keep an eye on the details. Many men wear a simple work outfit most days of the week. If you want to elevate your style without overhauling your wardrobe, try including a few subtle details that look more fashion-forward. For example, a sharp silk tie could add a splash of class to your otherwise normal suit, while a soft cashmere scarf in a classic colour will bring an element of luxury to your winter outfits.

Choose your shoes wisely. Your shoes could make or break your look. Find comfortable but stylish leather boots that you can wear with jeans on the weekend or with chinos in the week, and take care of them so they look pristine at all times. Scruffy old shoes rarely look cool – especially in the office.

Ditch the logos. Branded t-shirts tend to look immature and unprofessional. If you want to look sophisticated and stylish, choose plain t-shirts with a neckline that suits your frame, and experiment with colour shades to add interest. A small logo is fine, but keep the massive brand names off your chest.

Try something new. It’s very easy for men to get stuck in fashion ruts. While it’s understandable to end up wearing the same combination of clothes for years on end because it’s comfortable and it works for you, sometimes you need to push the edges of your comfort zone to find the look that really looks great. Experiment with different styles and you may be surprised by the results.

Go shopping with someone else. Shopping alone can be a disaster if you’re not the most fashion savvy guy around. Ask your girlfriend or a close friend whose taste you admire to come with you to the mall and give you some pointers. Hopefully, they’ll give you honest feedback – just make sure you listen.

Wear a statement watch. A classic, beautiful watch can elevate even the simplest work wear. Go for a style that suits your personality. Oversized watches with a vintage design always looks cool, but keep the focus on sophistication rather than branded bling.

Keep it clean. No matter what you’re wearing, make sure it’s freshly laundered and ironed. Unless you’re chilling on the sofa with video games for the day, you’ll want to look sharp and smell good. Use a basic but consistent skincare routine, go for regular hair trims, and you should be on track to fashion look great at all times.