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A Hat for All Occasions: How to Wear a Hat with Confidence

When it comes to hats, it’s a bold fashion choice that many of us are nervous to try. But, hats can look fantastic. What’s more, they can complete your outfit. When it comes to hats, there is nothing to fear. In fact, it’s time unleash your confidence and make hats a fundamental feature of your wardrobe.

Here are some things to consider when you are choosing the perfect hat.

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Your Key Style

Thinking about your personal style is a great way to find a hat that works for you. What kind of clothes do you favor? Are you more bohemian in your look or sporty? For laid back girls, berets can look incredible. Sportier girls can look amazing in custom new era hats. It’s all about finding your style and what complements your overall look. Take a look online at different looks that you favor. Then, find a hat that goes with this overall style. Bowler hats, beanies and fedoras can all look fantastic, whatever you like wearing. What’s more, they are bang on trend too.

Finding a Hat to Suit Your Hair Style

Your hair frames your face. So, it’s important that you think about how a hat will complete your look. Your hair can change the way in which your hat sits on your head. Slouchy hats look perfect with shorter hair, with a small amount of fringe peeking through. But, also think about finding a hat for different occasions. Bretons-wide brim hats are great for shopping days. But, a fedora is perfect for more formal events. It’s all about making sure that your hair is framed in a perfect way.

Considering Your Face Shape

You want your new hat to show off your beautiful features. With this, you need to consider your face shape. After all, you want hats to look a part of your outfit. For this reason, they should be suited to your face shape. If you have a wider face, opt for narrow or close fitting hats. These will minimize the roundness of your face and make your face look slimmer. For those with slender, longer faces, wide-brimmed hats can ensure that your face is balanced and softened.

A Hat For All Climates: Thinking About the Weather

Come rain or shine, there is a hat that you can use. Okay, so thinking about the weather is kind of obvious, but it’s a good starting point. Caps are perfect for the summer. They will help you minimize glare and stop you from squinting. But, beanies can ensure that you are toasty and warm in the long, dark winter months.

Don’t Over Think It!

Hats should be fun! You don’t have to worry that you are getting it wrong. Your fashion choices are personal to you. So, whatever you want to wear, go for it and wear it with aplomb. After all, being young and into fashion is about breaking all of the rules. Don’t over-think it and realize your hat potential. Break all of the fashion norms and find your true style. Your head will thank you for it.

Image source: CIWP