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A Simple Guide on How to Style Jordans

Did you know that Air Jordan 1s kickstarted the sneaker market, which is valued at six billion dollars? Even during COVID, this market didn’t dip and is expected to grow to be worth 30 billion dollars by 2030!

How to Style Jordans

What this statistic really reflects is not the resilience of the basketball sneaker market, but rather the incredible and far-reaching impact that Jordan shoes have. They hold an iconic presence in our wardrobes.

You might have your eye on a pair, or maybe you already have a pair — but you’re still wondering how to style Jordans.

Well, read on! We’ll be giving you a brief but thorough guide to styling Jordans.

Start by Picking Your Jordans

Since the shoes are so iconic and visually interesting, they should be the centerpiece of your outfit. If you don’t have a pair, head to this site to find the best Jordans for any budget.

Build Your Outfit

Your Jordans are a statement piece. This means you can dress around to the shoes to accentuate them.

Start with low-cut socks that fit around your ankles, especially if you’re wearing low-tops. This allows your Jordans to speak for themselves without the distraction of socks!

It’s best to wear slim or skinny jeans to allow your Jordans to stand out. Baggy jeans will overshadow the shoe.

If you wear long pants, tuck your jeans into your shoes. This prevents your Jordans from getting covered up, so you can show them off.

You can wear either high or low-top shoes with dresses, shorts, or skirts. A good rule of thumb is to use high tops with short shorts, and low tops with longer shorts. But, you can play with this, as there are no hard and fast fashion rules when it comes to Jordans.

Choose a shade of pants that matches your Jordans, like a dark blue or black pair that allows the colors of the shoes to pop. Depending on the shoe, you can experiment with bold colors and prints. However, save these only for muted Jordans, to prevent clashing patterns.

Color-Coordinate Your Outfit

Use your outfit to accentuate your Jordans, not overshadow them. The colors in your outfit should match the Jordans, but not be so bright that they pull focus.

For example, if you’re styling Jordans with red accents, use red accents in your outfit. Add a red scarf, a red necklace, or red shades.

You can contain large areas with neutral colors like gray, black, dark blue, or white, but don’t have large areas of bright colors, to avoid washing out your Jordans.


If you have an eye for color pallets and patterns, you can always experiment and play. Sometimes you can use contrasting colors to make an outfit with bold color-blocking that can contrast with your shoes, to make an entertaining combination.

One of the best reasons to try wearing Jordans is their versatility, so don’t be afraid to try things out! There’s no wrong way how to wear Jordans.

Now You Know How to Style Jordans!

Hopefully, you should have a good sense of how to style Jordans, and you can pick up a pair for yourself and try it out! After you get your first pair, you’ll understand immediately why they’re so popular. They lend themselves well to bold, stylish outfits.

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