Fashion Accessories

Accessories: Matter of style

An accessory is a piece that gives you a personal touch, marks your style and makes the difference with other women. But you must be careful when choosing them, as you cannot use the same to go to the office, on the day to attend an evening meal. Follow these tips and choose the right ones for you.

The princess (43 to 40 cm long) or the longer ones fit well if your neck is long. If not, the trick is to give it several laps. It is good to combine some golden pieces with silver.

woman accessories

If you are short or have a long and thin neck short necklace (41 centimeters and less) are ideal for you. With a black dress or a white basic shirt you look good. It goes very well with bare shoulders.

Large and recharged collars are imposed. If you decide on a piece so use it with neutral necklines, simple lines and, if possible, open, with a strapless. Colors: gold and copper.

These are very practical and comfortable. These are imposed in golden colors, animal or neon print.

Skin color:
Leave with everything. The rule is: “When in doubt, wear leather shoes”. No matter what you wear, if you wear red, black or coffee, these shoes will be perfect. It put the touch to any pint.

Fish mouth:
The weather allows these shoes to be worn without stockings. You can have a pair in vivid colors to combine with jeans or a pair of skinny pants.

Bags and purses
Black wallet:
A good, leather and in a good design, will be the finishing touch. No matter the size, it depends on your needs. It is a basic thing to have in the closet. Key, one honey color comes out with everything.

woman accessories

Clutch or handbag:
It does not matter the color, because in the bag you can combine all the tones. You can wear them with glitter for a party or large and simple in leather or suede with jeans.

Red Wallet:
It is very strong at this time. It is important that it is a good material for you to last a long time. A colored flash is being used. Never combine with shoes or belt.

These are ideal with all the pints. This work perfectly in a gala dress, just like a jean combined with a blue blazer.

Very big:
There are many shapes and materials. If you have an important event and you have your hair collected, do not hesitate to wear big earrings that highlight your face.

These are great because it lengthen and stylize your neck. If you decide on a piece of these take into account the length and not the width. For women of short stature, the best are the shorter earrings.

It is a cold color and suits people with yellow or olive skin. These earrings look great with white or black clothes.