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Are Nike Prestos Good For Running? [Pros & Cons]

Nike is one of the most recognized brands for manufacturing high-end products of many categories. The brand gets recognized most for its outstanding, stylish, and comfortable shoe designs. And sneakers like Nike Prestos are among the most-liked and reputed ones to date.

There was a time when you would need different shoes for casual walks or strolls and high-quality shoes for running. But Nike Prestos made sure you can do everything with a single pair.

But how suitable are they for running? Will they be comfortable or durable enough to run miles? Let’s find out more about Nike Prestos in the rest of the article.

nike prestos for running
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Are Nike Prestos Good For Running?

From designs to materials, Nike Prestos have upper-class shoe quality and features. This shoe is highly recommended for jogging and running after it appeared in Olympics 2000, right after the model was launched.

These shoes are described as t-shirts for feet because of their sock-like designs. Like any other Nike shoes, these sneakers also come in M, L, XL, etc., instead of regular size categories. The foam soles fit nicely under your feet and ensure running comfort.

On top of that, the narrow ankle collars keep your feet in the shoe tightly enough to ensure the best running grip. And over the last two decades, Nike introduced various Presto sneakers with new names and designs. Now, Nike Prestos are known for being the most suitable running shoes or sneakers.

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Why Are Nike Prestos The Best For Running?

What makes the Nike Prestos sneakers suitable and reliable for running? To know that, we need to look into the material, design, features, performance reliability, etc.

Here is what makes the Nike Prestos the best for running:


You cannot point out just one particular material for this footwear. The Nike Presto shoes are a combination of various materials, from ballistic and layered mesh to neoprene.

The materials are kept this way to ensure the shoes do not feel like a burden on your leg. So if you are looking for heavy material or leather shoes, you might not like these.

Upper Area

The upper area of Nike Prestos contains cushioned mesh materials. There is a plastic cage under the layer of mesh to ensure the upper area stays at a comfortable level. There is a plastic guard around the forefoot area to protect your toes if your feet bump something hard.


The outsole is the bottom part of the sneakers that you see when you hold them upside down. They are made with multiple layers of hardened rubber and plastic.

Each outsole is thin-cut and handled with precision and craftsmanship. The grooves are flexible enough to ensure enough traction on uneven surfaces.


The mid-sole is the sole inside the shoe and the one you place your feet on. All sneaker soles for Nike Presto are cut from EVA foam to provide comfort and satisfying performance. While the foam might be excellent for improving your running experience, it can bend due to weight pressure over time.


One of the reasons users like wearing Nike Presto as running shoes is their comfort level. The shoes are not only lightweight, but they also have cushioned mesh.

The sole is made of EVA foam and rubber hardener to ensure the overall design fits around your feet perfectly and prevents your feet from getting sore after running for a long time.

Nike Prestos sneakers for running
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Comfort and breathability go together, and both are essential for any shoes. Running shoes usually require to fit more tightly than casual or regular shoes. That is why the shoes need to be breathable enough for the user’s comfort.

The upper mesh area is very reliable to ensure adequate airflow through the shoes to let your skin breathe.


Running shoes provide the best support if it fits flawlessly around the ankles. The Nike Prestos have, as everyone refers to them, narrow collars around the ankle area.

The cushioning material in the area creates a perfect curve around the wearer’s ankle that users get better support when running in them.

Stability And Flexibility

Running requires a higher level of flexibility in shoes, and it should also come as a strength. Thankfully, the Nike Prestos have both qualities as the shoes have a cage design.

The rubber hardener and foam in the sole help the shoes flex with the movements of your feet. Besides, the mesh on the upper area helps the shoe bend without issues.


Nike is all about class and style regarding the type of Nike shoe you pick. You will notice that all Presto sneakers have minimal designs, yet they appear stylish on your feet.

The cage on either side and the slim-cut design always make them stand out. On top of that, Nike offers some excellent color combination choices, including some of the most vibrant colors.


Nike Prestos are lightweight, and it is one of the essential qualities of running footwear. It is challenging to run a few yards, let alone miles, with heavy running shoes.

That is why Nike ensures full body lightweight material and design for its running shoes like Prestos for users’ convenience. Besides, lightweight shoes offer more flexibility because of the well-made grooves.


Many people assume Nike shoes are sky-high priced as it is a renowned brand. On the contrary, Nike Prestos come at a mid-range price, making them affordable for many users.

Is There Any Drawback?

Nike Prestos are the epitome of classy and high-performing running shoes, yet they lack one essential quality. The shoes can wear off pretty quickly, especially the upper mesh.

On top of that, the sole gradually bends under weight and running pressure. And the material is not safe for rough streets and weather conditions.

Final Verdict

The best running shoes might not always be the most durable ones. It is more important to ensure the shoes have comfortable, flexible, and breathable material and design. So if running performance is your priority rather than long durability, Nike Prestos are absolute gems.

They are lightweight, flexible, and offer a non-slippery outsole with comfortable adjustment. The best part is its affordable price range which makes a good investment for the quality the shoes offer.