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Basic modern clothing for office

Choose suitable clothes for going to the office is not complicated, you just keep in mind that are suitable for your style, type of work, dress code in your company and role to perform each day.

modern clothing for office

The locker room to go to work should not be synonymous with boring clothes, on the contrary can adapt the latest trends of fashion, if you do it intelligently. Then we will give some basic ideas to renew your wardrobe for work adding a modern touch.

– Use pants with different silhouettes which usually use for this kind of occasion, which are usually the straight cut or boot cut type, such as pants with boots a little wider than usual, or else those which are semi-tight to the calf and ending at the ankle. Chooses to be in sober colors or easily combined to help you create different looks with each of them. Avoid pants too tight to your figure; it will not be for them who should excel in their daily work.

– Dare to wear blazers in shades, here you can opt for a little stronger shades, these will serve to liven up a look of business; it is essential that you have at least one black color, there are no excuses for missing in your wardrobe because it goes with almost everything and is appropriate for any office look.

– Not only are options to go to the office the pencil skirts or the style of a straight cut, try the skirts with A cut, or you have some flight, consider taking them just to the knee or slightly above these, possible to be in neutral or monochrome colors, but if you want to take some with prints, opt for small and discrete prints.

– Uses light silk blouses, if the dress code is a little more casual; or cotton shirts or silk for a more formal work environment, take them in neutral colors with pastels or jewel tones depending on as formal or other than the occasion and the type of industry. A shirt color should not miss in your wardrobe is white, which is very versatile and serves as the base for creating different looks. Avoid very tight shirts or blouses with plunging necklines.

– In general use accessories suited to your wardrobe prefers sober and not very ornate designs. However, if your industry allows it (creative industry, public relations, fashion, media) can be a little more risky and test with a portfolio or heeled shoes with a different and striking style.

– Use dresses in neutral colors with soft prints, the wrap style (cross and tie at the waist) are a very good option, just as the blouses styles for a look more casual. Take them to the knee, about 2-3 cm above or below this, you can go with a blazer into appropriate tones for each option.

– Use medium heel or flat shoes, can be shoes closed heels or even boots for a more modern look to your touch looks, try as far as possible that they are in neutral tones or a single tone, as it will be easier to combine them and you will look more elegant. Never use sandals, t-shirts, heels type needles, striking platform or tennis sandals, are definitely not in line for this occasion.

– And finally select handbags or wallets of classic designs, you can easily combine, is that these are comfortable and useful to save time and easily find what you need. As for colors depending on the type of industry where you are working, you can opt for more neutral colors (classic industry) or more intense (creative industry).