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Basic rules for using miniskirt

Miniskirts are attractive, elegant and very feminine. However, be careful how you combine them to prevent them from being vulgar or achieve a look too revealing.

using miniskirt

If you do not know how to wear a miniskirt with style, do not hesitate to follow these basic rules!

Use it with shirts

If you want to give your skirt a stylish for the office or for a casual look, it is best to incorporate a blouse or a long shirt that can fit on the inside to give your figure a slimming look.

Lets crop top for the night

As the miniskirt is short, be careful that your look does not appear too vulgar to wear a crop top. It is best to leave it for a night and accompany it with a leather jacket or blazer.

It also ensures that the clothes are not too tight, if the mini is tight is better than the crop top is a bit loose and not too short to balance.

Do not use it in the office

While the miniskirt is attractive and never goes out of fashion, it is not an appropriate garment for a work environment. What’s good for the job is a midi skirt or a pencil skirt. But the miniskirt not gives the appropriate image for your work.

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The good thing is that miniskirts look fabulous with all types of footwear. To the beach or a sunny day opt for flat sandals. For a casual look, you can wear some flats.

While heels help you to stylize the figure, run the risk of being between the line of the vulgar and the sexy. That’s why it is best thing to do is to wear them with stilettos for a special occasion and a few average heels for the day.

Be careful when sitting

By using a miniskirt should not only consider the occasion, to combine garments and footwear but also the way in which we move. No doubt that in a miniskirt should keep legs together, sit with care and avoid walking with legs.

This will give the sexy effect rather vulgar.

Consider your body

If you have broad shoulders and wide back better sit the mini one with volume to give to balance your figure. If you have much bust opts for a classic t-shirt, prevents the V-neckline and let’s take care miniskirt.

You can achieve incredible outfits with miniskirts without showing vulgar or out of fashion. The key is to incorporate the basic rules, always keep in mind the occasion and show them off properly.