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Beauty care for men

Until a few years ago, the only cosmetics that men were using shampoo, deodorant and shaving cream. But in all civilizations and all epochs of history, the men took care of their skin and their appearance. And if this trend has faded in recent centuries in the West, however, it seems to come back in fashion!

men beauty care

These are not all men are comfortable with the use of cosmetics, but they are more likely to want to take care of themselves and their appearance, almost as much (more) than their cherished! For them, we have invented the term ‘metrosexual’ and cosmetics companies have understood that there is a market to operate.

Here is a quick overview to see the male beauty trends and some of the products available. To offer a dad, a son or a lover … to prevent it continues to put your fingers in your jars!

Shave or not?
This is a very personal question. Some men prefer the neat appearance of a perfect shave every morning, but we note that the current fashion is to the short beard or moustache. However, there is no question of facial hair invade all available space in a disorderly manner. Hair facial version 2014 is anything but a way to avoid the chore of shaving and often requires as much (if not more) than a traditional shave care. Some products and accessories available in this area:

  • Foam/ shaving gels, moisturizers, scented, caregivers: There is now something for all tastes and all budgets.
  • Razors: 3, 4 or 5 blades, with or without integrated electrical or traditional, disposable or not moisturizer.
  • The “lawnmowers” to beard and mustache: There are all kinds and each course boasts the quality of its performance. Often, a special nozzle to address the problem of nose hair and/or ears is also integrated.
  • Aftershaves: As a cream, gel, balm, oil or tonic. They have calming properties and their mission to comfort the facial skin after the daily trauma of shaving!

Skin Care
Moisturizers specifically designed for men’s skin also invaded the shelves of pharmacies; they are found in gel, cream or balm.

There are also cares for very dry or very sensitive and masks apply from time to time to give a burst of freshness to the face skin.

Lip balms without gloss also appeared to allow men to wear a smile shining through well hydrated lips and devoid of unsightly cracking.

Finally, exfoliating products to purify and clarify the complexion also have the coast.

It camouflages and it masked
Why women are the only ones to have the privilege to hide their redness, pimples, dark circles, pores and other small defects? A large button, it is not good on a woman’s face, but it is not very charming on the nose of your sweetheart! To finally settle small intermittent problems on the face, several cosmetics companies offer foundation, mattifying care, concealer, various powders and self tanning so that skin tone is always perfect and that male faces exude freshness and health.

Men do not rouge like women and proposed them up is not colored or shiny, but there is: black or colorless mascara to lengthen and separate lashes, transparent care to smooth eyebrows and mustache, and even black or brown pencil to highlight and intensify the look.

The importance of hands
Many women show that hands and manicured nails in a man are very attractive. These have understood and increasingly, some regularly give a break at a beautician to get a professional manicure.

There are also complete kits for the hand care for those who prefer to occupy themselves.

Some men who have significant hair decide to get rid of this unsightly fur in their eyes (and perhaps those of their darling). The eyebrow, chest, back and even private parts is now common and all good beauty care salons offer this service.

Obviously, hair care all have their place in the male beauty: there are shampoos, conditioners, healing balms and hair masks for all hair types and for tackling all the problems that might exist (dandruff, excess sebum, etc.)

There are also dyes designed specifically for men who want to hide their hair and gray hair. And for those whose hair begins to fall, we can consider hair transplants (grafts and even mustache).

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