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Best safety razors for beginners

If you are shaving for the first time, then it is very important to choose the right razor for that traditional shaving. There are plenty of ranges available in the safety razors which come with several choices of handles, weight and designs that can create a difference.

best safety razor

Best safety razors for beginners should have the following key features:

  • Well balanced
  • Hold should be comfortable
  • Appropriate sharpness for beginners
  • Double edge is good
  • Readily available
  • Affordably priced.

Merkur safety razor that comes from Germany is the most common one on the market. There are various models available. They come in basic models, which are chrome razors to Gold razors, and fall in the high end. Other than this, there are speciality razors like Vision and Futur models. However, they fall in the expensive kind. Visually appealing razors may not be the best ones at all times; hence the quality and construction issues that are commonly encountered need to be inspected first before purchasing.

There is a wide range of Vintage safety razors for beginners if you visit auction sites or online forums. Twist to open as well as adjustable kinds are popularly among Gillette.

Features of vintage razors

  • Well made
  • Provide great shaves
  • Restoration and sterilization is needed.

For a first razor, two of the models are widely available which come with the Merkur brand name.

In Razor blades there are two major types, which are fixed head and adjustable head razors. In fixed kind, the blade and safety bar are not movable or adjustable which is not so in the second type. For beginners, the second kind is not preferable, though it offers more benefits.

This is because as you are just starting, there shall be time consumption in holding the head at the right pressure and adjusting the cutting angle. If not done properly, it can injure the skin while shaving.

It is best to practice initially with fixed-head razor blades for safety and practice and later move on to the adjustable ones. Once the user is proficient and has got a hang of the pressure and angle of cut, then the user can move to new models.

Two of the fixed head models of Merkur that are popular are:

  1. Merkur 34C- Heavy Duty
  2. Merkur 23C – Long Handle Classic

“Heavy Duty” Merkur 34C

  • This type and model is the standard model
  • It has a handle that is of a short length
  • Diameter is large providing a bulky feeling in the hand during the shave
  • Good balance owing to short handle and good weight
  • Provides nice cutting angle due to above factors
  • Price is around 40 dollars.

“Long Handle Classic” Merkur 23C

  • Ideal for men who feel comfortable using long handles
  • Handle smaller in diameter
  • Comfortable grip
  • Proper cutting angle to provide nice shave
  • Price around 35 dollars.

Both the above safety razors are best safety razors for beginners which provides a clean shave and are easy to use.