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Bridal makeup with glasses and how to choose the perfect glasses for your wedding

Discover how to enhance the look of brides with glasses with a neutral makeup that illuminates the natural features of the face. Also, noted the keys to choose the ideal glasses for your wedding.

perfect glasses for your wedding

One of the biggest concerns of a bride is to look radiant on her wedding day. Empowering your naturalness and dazzling with your own light is one of your greatest desires, choosing those details that reflect your personality and style. Therefore, there are many brides who do not want to give up wearing their prescription glasses on such a special day but are not clear how their makeup should be.

The make-up is neutral, which enhances and illuminates the natural features of the bride’s face. In addition, when wearing glasses, advise to highlight the look much more. In cases of myopia, the eye should be enlarged visually, since the graduation makes it smaller. On the contrary, in cases of hypermetropia, the opposite effect should be sought, dwarfing the eyes. Thus, in cases of myopia, the eye should be profiled from the outside, while in cases of farsightedness it is advisable to delineate the water line.

4 tips for a bright look on your wedding day

1. To illuminate

To show a unique look it is recommended to apply an illuminator in the area of the tear duct and under the arch of the eyebrow, with which it is possible to bring a greater luminosity to the look of the bride.

2. Empower

On the day of your wedding bet on the shades in light and neutral tones, in addition to using mascara to give volume and density.

3. Give depth

You must delineate the eye with a brown or black pencil, depending on the makeup chosen, and then diffuse it with a brush.

4. Define

To be perfect on that special day, not only make-up is important, it is also essential to give a correct shape to the eyebrows, getting frame even more the look. In doing so, you must take into account the factions and face of the bride. In any case, flees to the entire coast of the eyebrows profiled in excess or too thin, it is a matter of seeking naturalness.

What you should avoid in makeup on the day of your wedding

To look radiant on your special day and give the limelight to the look that deserves:

  • Avoid extreme hairstyles and complements, as it is not advisable to recharge the area located at the height of the glasses. Remember that less is more.
  • Do not apply eye shadows of bright colors, as it can blur the look and subtract its protagonism. The makeup must be noticed without ceasing to be natural.
  • Avoid wearing non-reflective lenses, as the camera flash can create reflections and do that your eyes do not appear in the picture.

How to choose perfect glasses for your wedding

Are my glasses suitable for my wedding day? This is the question asked by many brides who wear glasses graduated in their day to day. Although the most important thing is that brides feel comfortable and look radiant, there are a number of tips to find the perfect glasses for that special day.

It is recommended to opt for simple glasses, which reinforce the look without detracting from the personality, enhance the features of the face and highlight the natural beauty of the woman. The most recommended option is to choose glasses with mount to the air, as these are the best that fit our physiognomy. However, if the bride prefers glasses with a frame, it should be thin and light, so that it fits better to the face and harmonizes with the rest of accessories.

To achieve a light, subtle but charming look, glasses that incorporate small details on the frame, such as some shiny are ideal. Add a “glam” touch to brides!

As for the colors, you should choose neutral shades that are within the color harmony of the bride. In the case of warm harmonies, you should opt for glasses that have shades through gold, bronze, bone or cream. On the other hand, in brides with cooler harmonies, it is more recommended to choose silver, gray, ice or white shades.