Celebrity Fashion

Celebrities introduces different kind of fashion to the world

A person always loves to watch song albums, videos and movies. They love to watch those celebrities and they even try to imitate them. People even try their hair styles and their dress style. A celebrity clothes, accessories and hair style sets the new trend between common people. Any new style first starts from the celebrities and it will spread like a wild fire.

madona in fashion

Madonna and her fashion
Madonna was a singer, actress, song writer and a business woman who was born on 1958 in America. She became very popular among the people because of her appearance and music videos. People attracted towards her fashionable image and started to follow her music videos. They even started to set Madonna ringtones on their mobile phone. There are various sites are available on the internet to download her music ringtones.

Some of the best video albums by Madonna are Vogue, Like a Prayer, Frozen, Express Yourself etc. She started to set her own fashion trend from the year of 1982 at her debut album. Not only her music and song her fashion also plays a major role in succeeding her albums. Because of her look and style she started to act in films. She even got a golden globe award for best actress.

Fashion brands of Madonna
In 1980 people were attracted by the Madonna’s punk-girl style and because of that a particular company has introduced this to people in the name of Macy. After that Madonna created four types of fashion brands on her own. The brands are H&M for clothes, MG Icon LLC, Material Girl and Truth or dare by Madonna. These brands are produced on a partnership with other people. The collaboration of Dolce & Gabbana was the first co-branded collaboration in that design.

Because of her look and style in her videos these products provided maximum sales and profit. In New York even before her fashion brands Macy’s department store created a section which was named as Madonna land. This shows that how popular she was and how much her fashion trends reached among the people. In that store they sold jewels and clothes which resemble the singers.

She Produced the M by Madonna one of the best fashion line. She also advertised for it on the television. H&M on an interview mentioned that the collection reflects the Madonna’s glamour and unique style. After that with her daughter she produced the Material Girl which was the teenage fashion brand. Apart from clothing she also started MDNA skin care products with the collaboration of MTG Co. Ltd. which was considered as Japans foremost beauty care developers.