Fashion Shows and Trends

Choose a style trend with your personality

The bohemian style is the one that suits you best. The trend is to wear a long skirt embellished with pleats and a small top molding. Do not forget the essential spartan that will comfortably parade during the summer.

To vary a bit from your wardrobe, you can also opt for the rock style: minishort with a small T-shirt and geometric sneakers and you’re ready for a fashionable summer.

style trends

You are very feminine
Here is an overview of your ensemble for the perfect fashionista summer for this season: miniskirt, minidress, minishort, tight top and high neckline. Everything is good to emphasize your curves.

Observe, however, a rule not to pay in excess and become too provocative: a close-fitting garment to associate with another (up or down) more “simple”. You are so sure that you are not mistaken and avoid errors of taste.

You’re a little tomboy
The adventurer chic style is for you. What the key pieces of your wardrobe? Bermuda shorts and baggy pants. To make your outfit more chic without sacrificing the slightly masculine, you can choose the harem pants.

style trend

As for shoes, go for comfortable sandals or sneakers to the famous geometric patterns. The watchword is to associate the bermuda shorts and trousers with a little tight tops.

What the ultimate in chic this summer? Wear a Panama hat with your style and you’ll be a real adventurer chic.