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Choose hat according to your outfit

Before, it was just the most daring thing, but today, hats reappear increasingly in urban fashion. Something for all tastes and styles, and luckily we have the possibility to combine and choose which is more comfortable or more going with us.

chose hat

Then we will show you different styles so you can choose a hat according to your outfit.

Let’s start with the most peaceful. The beret is our greatest ally in the winter. Whether with pompom, or apply with a simple color, in very cold days, you met in a very elegant way.

So as always said that we must combine portfolio with shoes, using beret you can combine it with your scarf or shawl and for the most daring and chilly, with gloves.

The fedora hat is typically for male, however, with the correct items and much attitude (which actually to wear a hat, it is to be taken) can be converted into an infallible ally.

In winter, the fedora may be in gray or black. A blazer, pastel chiffon or print shirt and a tight jean with good boots, put together an ideal outfit.

But in the summer the best are those of lighter colors in the palette of browns.

This winter the bowler came with everything and began to see more and more on the streets.

We have to know is that the bowler should not be used with bulky coats. However, for the spring season, you can opt for loose clothing like extra large shirts or dresses.

Attention! The Panama is ideal for warmer days. not just on a vacation to come and go from the beach.

One thing is certain: the sun is getting stronger and we need to protect ourselves well. Therefore, the Panama hat not only gives it a stylish and summery touch to your outfit but also cares for our skin.

We continue with wide brim hats. The skin can continue watching without losing track of the style. And that’s when it appears Capeline.

No need to be royalty or go to see a polo match to carry with style. In the summer it is ideal to complement a hippie-chic style.