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Choosing the bridal headdress to suit your style

When choosing your headdress or detail that you will carry in your hair the day of your wedding the most important thing to consider is your personal style and is clear, the dress style you have chosen.

Also suggest you consider the saying “less is more”, if the style of your dress is very striking, with many details or embellishments, suggest choose a discreet touch, however if your dress has a simple design, you can take a more striking touched, bringing the attention to your upper body. Here we present some options of touches that accompany your wedding dress according to your style:

bridal headdress

If your dress is classic
Recommend a vintage style headdress or tiara, either bright or stones in a crown. For this recommend you take your hair fully retracted.

If your dress is romantic style
Recommend you bring a headdress with flower details, nothing more romantic than flowers, whether natural or artificial. Usually romantic style dresses have many details and embroidery; in that case your headdress must be delicate and simple.

bridal headdress

If your dress is bohemian style
As a very fresh and natural style, suggest bring fresh flowers in your hair or accessory type crown on the front. To complete the look, you can take your hair down or semi gathered with some waves.

If your dress is modern style
Your touch should be contemporary, with mixtures of textures and shapes. Recommend using details with ribbons, feathers or tights.

If your dress is creative style
Do not be afraid to experiment with unusual and striking headdresses. Try mixing different textures, designs and colors, such as a combination of feathers with rhinestones in different colors.

One last recommendation, if you are short and plump body, chooses a simple headdress and not very big. Conversely if you are tall and thin, can wear a headdress much larger and striking.