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Choosing the right bra

Often, when shopping to find bras, it does not arise many questions. However, many women who do not choose the type or size of bra that suits them best. Here are some tips to help you take the right choices!

choosing right bra

The right size
It seems that a majority of women do not know their bra size. In effect, there is a tendency to believe that she has a smaller bonnet and a chest larger than in reality. Thus, many will choose e.g. bras size 34B when they should actually wear 32C! It is therefore necessary to check your size before your next purchase.


To calculate the size of your bra, you’ll need a soft tape measure.

  • Start by measuring your chest above your breasts, where they are most prominent. Record the result in inches.
  • Then measure your chest, just below your breasts (so they are not included in the measurement). Record the result in inches. This measure corresponds to your chest, so the number (34, 36, 38, 40, etc..) found in the size of the bra.
  • To determine the bonnet size (A, B, C, etc..), take the first step, i.e. the larger of the two numbers and subtract the second measure. If the difference is 1, you wear A, if it is 2, you wear B, etc…
  • A woman whose chest where it is the most generous would be 42 inches, and whose chest under the breasts would be 38 cm would therefore the 38D.
  • It may be that you get an odd number by measuring your chest. If this is the case, round up to the size of bra below and choose the pin most outside. This is the sort of situation that bras often have three levels of pin adjustment.
  • Note that your chest and the curve of your breasts change over time. It is important to resume regular measures. It is not because you wore the 32B there from 10 years it is still the case, and even if you have not fattened or slimmed down significantly.
  • Finally, if this method is a good indicator, it is not infallible either! Since each model is different, try the garment before buying. During fitting, we shall adjust the shoulder straps to be able to slide a finger underneath, without more, and ensures that our breasts are completely within the bonnet.

The little details

  • When going to shopping, do not wear a full sweater. It is recommended to opt for a high enough neckline and tight, which will see if the bra appear well even in “extreme” situations.
  • Bands of the chest should not form an angle, or into the skin. They must be straight and taut, but not too tight. The clip must remain in place in the middle of the back.
  • Frames must provide optimum support without pain. The straps on their side, should not irritate the skin of the shoulders, or even sinking slightly.
  • When we move, we jump or one leans forward, our breasts should not move but stay quietly in the bonnets and straps should not slide.
  • The side of the garment, it is verified that the fabric is soft, durable and comfortable, the clips are firmly sewn and the seams are subtle enough not to irritate the skin, but very solid.

The life of the bra
Note that you should renew your stock of bras at least once a year. Even when choosing very good quality and they are washed by hand with a mild soap, the life of bras is not infinite. As soon as you notice it becomes less comfortable, or bands and straps relax, this is a sign that you have to plan to buy new bra.

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