Sunglass and Watch

Combine watches with bracelets

The tendency to use the watch together with many other accessories such as bracelets and continues gaining strength for next season. But how to adapt this trend with our personal style? Here we give some options:

watches with bracelets

If your style is creative: Love to experiment with colors and forms of fashion, always looking to stay ahead; opt for a watch with unusual design, and in a tone trend. Pair it with other accessories in contrasting tones with the clock as a reference.

If your style is edgy or rocker: Opt for accessories that have chains, studs and generally in metallic and black. The same applies to the clock style, in this case particularly chose a Michael Kors in a combination with grey model.

If your style is classic: Opt for a classic watch in gold or silver tone, together with accessories in neutral and matte tones.

If your style is bohemian chic: You will feel comfortable with a watch less classic and more casual design. You can combine it with bracelets of different materials like wood, chains, leather, cloth, etc.

If your style is romantic: Opt for a monochromatic look, in this case the silver and similar colors as gray and black are that mark the game of bracelets + clock. Remember that a romantic style noted for its softness in combinations, the use of flowers and circular and/or wavy shapes.