Fashion Accessories

Cufflinks: more than simple accessories, real jewelry

These small accessories have appeared around the 17th century to replace the laces and other cords used to hold the shirt sleeves. The first cufflinks were made of gold or silver, which already gives you an idea of the type of people who wore them.


They consisted of two buttons connected by a small chain, rather complicated to implement. Today, cufflinks are more practical, mounted on elastic or pivot for a less tedious installation. Versions with chain also back in fashion lately.

A fashion accessory
Symbols of luxury cufflinks can now be worn for all occasions: parties, cocktails, office, etc. They can also be part of the range of the fashion because cufflinks are also broken down into female models. Moreover, as a fashion accessory, they allow those who wear them to personalize their look by giving it a chic and elegant side. For men, they can be matched to the color of the tuxedo or tie pin. They are also often sold together. For women, they can be matched with the earrings or other jewelry to complete the outfit.

Real jewels
If luxury models are gold, platinum or silver, inlaid with diamonds or rhinestones, you can also find “fake”, but that is larger than life. Cufflinks are passed to the status of jewelry. They even declined in taking various costume jewelry and styles to suit all shapes. Finally, they are original gifts to give to your sweetheart or yourself. However make sure that the sleeves of shirts for which they are intended are not already equipped with buttons.